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Readers Respond: Reader Ideas for a Book of Shadows

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Making it now

Literally just started my b.o.s. Just put it together, haven't even written on the first page yet. Currently exploring all of this but somehow, it feels so familiar.
—Guest kitten

Book of Shadows

My first book of shadows was a black three ring binder with symbols drawn on it in white out. After years of practicing, I can say that I have had many Books (slightly more elegant than a black binder :P)My current Book of Shadows was my wedding present from my husband. It is a brown compressed leather book with a silver owl placed into the leather on the front. Organized chaos is my personal style and it reflects in my book. Various colored ribbons, colorful illustrations, candle wax, scattered petals and herbs along with my personal thoughts, experiences, opinions and beliefs fill the pages. There are no right ways to write a Book of Shadows, it's a deeply personal experience, what feels right for you IS right for you.
—Guest Amanda

My Book of Shadows

My Book is a gorgeous, thick book post bound in black leather, with five black ribbons as page markers, with an extra fold out part at the back - it is an exact replica of the Book used in the film Practical Magic. I write my pages in calligraphy and paint decorative borders around the texts in the style of medieval grimoires and the Charmed Book, and I have stuck leaves of protective and empowering herbs between the pages. It truly is a work of art and I am I am deeply proud of it.
—Guest Orris

white book

My book of shadows is a special order, white leather, 500 pages with a tree on the front. Im in love with him, I write in it like I feel it.. Spells, journal, dreams, holidays... It's messy for anyone , but me.
—Guest Alice Bell

my bos

I started a new BOS when I got married. My husband and I started a family book of shadows. I had our book made by a traditional bookmaker I found online. The book is 11x14 and 1000 pages. It's bound in brown calf skin and embossed with our last name and "book of shadows" written i runes. we used it as our guest book at our wedding, but instead of just signing, our guests wrote "wedding wishes" so the book would be full of posotive energy. The pages have been hand written with hand drawn illustrations. It has been a lot of work so far, but has been worth it. I was raised catholic, and want my book to be a replacement for the family bible, so I have left space for births, deaths and weddings. Some day i hope my kids will cherish it as much as my husband and i di now!
—Guest Jenn

Brand New BOS.

I have literally only just this MINUTE started my BOS... currently consisting of a title page (Gotta start somewhere). This book has a wooden cover, with a pentacle on the front, the pages tided by strings. I fell in love with it whilst on holiday and as I began to write in it I could feel my pace quicken, further proving it's significance to me. However, this BOS will act more as a Grimoire to me; As I love my organisation, I would like to have separate books (or divisions in a ring binder) of any additional information I gain; For example, I would not like to put Herb Lore in my BOS right now, and then move on to another section, in case I need to go back etc. This way my information and own ritual/spell workings are kept as organised as possible. Wish me luck! Blessed be guys! X
—Guest Abbie

My Book of Shadows

Mine is a small, three-ringed binder that is pink. I am hoping to get a large journal sooner or later, for I have to keep adding sheets of paper to it when I want to add something. I hold all of my entries, spells, reminders, and almost everything else besides my wand and crystals. :)
—Guest Carissa

MY First BOS

Hi. I'm just now getting started in the craft. I'm working on a first draft of my first BOS. I have had a very hard time because everyone is very uncomfortable with the subject of wicca. I am a solitary, but I would love advice. Thanks. Blessed Be.
—Guest Mystery Guest

In the works

I have had a very hard spirtal road so far I have tasted many believes and could not find a home I studied and practiced wicca in my late teens with little to no guidance and found my self lost on how to bring it to my adult life when I had my daughter I gave it up compleatly do to my ex and now I feel my self longing something that can be filled I am coming home to the only spirtaul path that made me whole am in the works of hand crafting my book of shadows as we speak I am aging paper and I have the large sheets that when folded in half make a 8x10 I will be making my own padden cloth cover and also binding it all my self I am going to be buying a caligligerghay set and foutian pin and all just for writing in it. I had one in the works before but some destoryed I am going so over the top with this book because I need to be. Something inside is screaming at me to give my self this much reward and I am going to find that peace i once had agian.
—Guest Dani

Many Books

I have been studying Wicca for over a decade. Unfortunately, I lost my first Book of Shadows in a move. Now I have my main Book of Shadows, which is a 3-ring binder chalked full of info. I also keep a Mirror Book or a magical journal, which is adorable. It has the Wicked Witch of the West on the cover and its pages. Lastly I keep a grimoire with all my spells and rituals of all sorts. Its a beautiful thick, black journal that I only use during magickal work. I also have serveral composition books that I use for Wicca-related notes. I am also going to start an herbal soon. I basically have a library of books I write in lol. I love it!
—Guest WeepingWillow


Being a 'modern' witch my BOS is on my desktop. Iv got a folder full of documents, images and such. So much easier to keep orginised.
—Guest Fiona

My B.O.S.

I'm really just getting started on mine. I want to learn and gather the information that I find to be needed in my craft from correspondences of crystals and herbs, to rituals, to even the everyday things like home remedies, and then start with a nice leather bound book or something like that so it will last a long time. My plan, after gathering the info and getting a big enough book, or multiple smaller ones, is to hand write it using calligraphy and I plan to create the illustrative work myself, so that it can be appreciated more after it's been passed on. Although I have to admit there is one thing I plan to do with it once I'm well into the project, I have a spell that will protect the B.O.S. from harm, if harm does come to it, like it's stolen or destroyed by somebody who doesn't like me, it curses them (not to death, but it's still pretty bad). You just write it in the BOS somewhere, I plan to put it on the front page, where people will be able to be warned first thing.
—Guest Guest Aryn


i went to a book store and got a notebook size journal that was on clearance. I seperated into sections with ribbons and marked it. Then decorated it with stickers and such. I also made my daughter the same kind of book.
—Guest Vicki

Ideas for BOS

I have many different BOS.. Some are wood,some are leather, some are fabric, and some are scrolls... A BOS doesnt have be anything glamorous or expensive at all... A simple note book will do, A binder.... In my many different ones I have a Moon BOS of moon rites, Then I have a BOS for the 8 Sabbats and all the different ways to hold the rites... The history and lore, I have one for my herbs and their uses madicinally or magickally... So many different ways to make one.. Spells and everything..
—Guest Roxanne joy


My BOS is currently a white half inch binder with a sheet of paper in the front with some stickers I earned at an arcade. I keep everything in it and its all neatly printed from the computer except for a few things that I had to hand write in myself. Since a friend and I are slowly working on building our own coven my current book is also being used as a coven book and is something we share on a regular basis and I regularly update myself and plan on continuing to do so. She also updates it whenever she can and we both hope to have a coven that is also willing to add to it.
—Guest Lacran

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Reader Ideas for a Book of Shadows

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