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Readers Respond: Reader Ideas for a Book of Shadows

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my Bos's are moving along well, both of them are just blank books from Walmart. I keep on for my thoughts and experiences and another for all my information and spells.
—Guest lilly

BOS scrapbook.

My decision was to create a BOS using a scrapbooking style. I bought a cloth 3 ring binder,decorated the inner cover and made my own cover. I have been using card stock,parchment paper and paper cavas print card stock.I write my works using an india ink artist pen,freestyle and some times i will down load a print if it seems good to have.each sheet or sheets go into protectors and i divide my information into sections.I also add color and embellishments to the pages,leave spaces for notes and occasionally rearrange the material as needed.my BOS is a work in progress which can be time consuming,yet it is something I enjoy putting my energies into. I hope one day my granddaughter might like to have and explore the BOS possible making it her own one day.
—Guest PhoenixNightengale.

Divided BOS

I am almost 15 (my b'day is samhain) i live in australia and wicca and paganism is really, REALLY low key - i have been researching and reading alot and am about to start a preliminary BOS with the members of my circle, i am using a five subject notebook which i have blessed, it has pocket-dividers which are perfect for printouts and i am going to divide it into; wiccan rede - info about deities - lore and myth - elves, fae and other creatures - our circle and our elements, calendar - almanac - seasons - festivals - celebrations - rituals etc., spells - potions - rituals - circle casting - tools, herbs - stones - colours, events - dreams(one in our circle is known to have premonitions) - ritual planning - poetry- art etc. once we have filled the book i am hoping to get a seperate leather bound book for each section and rewrite it more formally - this first go will just be notes typed and hand written and lots of information from other sources i am really excited to start... blessed be
—Guest Spirit

Book of Shadows

I have a few BOS's. All of them are 3 ring binders. I have added a special print out pic to make them a little decorative. The protective sheets help as well. You can add anything of decorations to the BOs as you want.I feel that the binder is the best route for me. There's a wealth of information out there ..Been studying for 3.5 years. I consecrated my last BOS on the Scared Fires of Hecate Celebration Blessings
—Guest Dom

my BOS

i hae to say that i am eager to start my first BOS.. i am a bit of a perfectionist though and even tho my first one is going to be a sort of practice book, i find it hard to know where to begin. any suggestions?
—Guest green witch beginner

My Book of Shadows

My BOS is special in that in a way my Mother helped me start it. Mom gave me this beautiful spiral notebook about 20 years ago.On the cover it has a gorgeous painting of a Unicorn at the sea with a setting sun and rainbow. I just could not bring myself to write mundane things in it! So, LIGHT BULB!! I dedicated it and made it my BOS. It is extra sentimental to me being my mom gave it to me and she was born on Samhain and had gifts of her own. Mom crossed over in 2004, and now when I open my BOS I know she is there with me sharing as well.
—Guest Deborah

Recreating my BoS

Ive been studying and practicing Witchcraft for two years now, and Ive had several books where Ive recorded journal entries, spells, and correspondences. After a while, I got a huge three-ring binder stuffed with printouts, but now my BoS feels unpersonal, almost as if the energies of the people who wrote the articles are in my book! Some of the correspondence tables are huge and would take weeks to write, but I guess Ill recreate them. Im also working on figuring out how to decorate my BoS, as I draw very well but I need a way to mabey bind the books in cloth so they look a little better.
—Guest Tempest Flair


Many years ago, when I broke with a very negative path and the people involved, I destroyed everything associated with it, including my original BOS. Currently, I have two, one is informational and anyone with positive intent to learn can read it, the other is private and is for my eyes only. Both are always being added to as information and ideas come to me. By the way I've been a student of Wiccan for 40 years
—Guest DyanaLuna


I have been studying witchcraft for a few years and have recently dedicated myself to Wicca. My BOS is a ring-binder folder for all my spells and ritual information (I also put all my spells in plastic wallets so they don't get dirty). It is also good to put dividers in too as I like things organised. But I also have a seperate book were I write my experiences - it also can be a diary for my thoughts. This can be useful for jotting down notes on what to do for the next ritual as well as questions that need answering for the next time you meet your coven or to research for yourself. Hope this helps!
—Guest Taz


My BOS is a journal i bought at Walmart, its small enough that i can bring it with me since i like to write things down when im inspired. Its plain black with a magnetic clasp and gold edged pages :) ony problem is that the paper is kinda thin so i have to be carefull when i write that the ink doesnt stain thru :)
—Guest Bemery

My Current Book

Currently, I am using a three-ring binder as my Book of Shadows. Since (1) I can't write as fast as I type and (2) I get hand cramps easily during writing, I type my pages, then print it out. I use sheet protectors as well. However, I also have a more portable Book of Shadows as well. Its a small sketchbook with the pages just a bit bigger than index cards. I use this for when I go out and think of various things while I'm at work or the store or something.
—Guest Dracul Hemming

Best BOS I've ever had

My BOS is a journal I bought from a seller on Etsy. I asked her to burn a particular design into a wooden cover (the Chartres Labyrinth design, for those who are curious) and then asked her to construct the journal in such a way that I could add, remove, or move pages around as much as I liked. The result is a beautiful wooden journal with brass rods on the binding that can be unscrewed so that I can take out pages or add more once I fill up what's already there. This also makes it easy to take out some pages and print diagrams on them if I feel it would be too intensive to write out something by hand. And if I mess up a page, I can take it out and start over without damaging the journal or sacrificing the beauty of my BOS for the practicality that comes with other options like a binder or an digital BOS. I love it!
—Guest Jasmine

Such is the modern life

My BOS is actually several different books. Every thing from a spiral notebook to a really neat napal made book. My main one that contains everything is actually on my computer in the OneNote program. This Program is awesome for BOS'
—Guest Crisa

Love my BOS

Have bin practicing for 20yrs and can't do without my BOS. I swear the binder and sheet protectors are the best invention ever. Have had to split BOS into three binders into Spells, Herbal and Spiritual Lore. I also can't do without my computer and printer as handwriting gets a bit illegible after a while, and besides, I done enough of that in school. The printer is a blessing and so is the digital camera. Just because I practice the old religion doesn't mean I can't use modern means. I hope all these tools make practicing the craft a little easier when I'm 90 or so. I also am creative and use paint, crayons, pencils and glitter pens to dress up my print outs so it has my fingerprint on it. Because I make changes so often with the seasons and the times as well as when the mood takes me, clicking a file, saving another version and then making the changes to any ritual fulfills that creative need. If I don't like it, I delete the file and go back to the original. Saves on paper etc...
—Guest Summerlight

My Modern Book of Shadows

I currently have two BOS's. One was a journal I received for my birthday, that had this mysterious aura about it, the other is a two inch thick binder that I've been updating for five years. The former I use for my personal spells, and the latter I use for those spells I've acquired from other places.
—Guest fiery temper

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Reader Ideas for a Book of Shadows

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