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Pagan Living, Day by Day


For many people, a Pagan belief system isn't just casting spells or lighting a candle now and then - it's a way of life. It's a way of thinking magically, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Learn how to live magically, think outside the box, and use your own creative ideas to develop your spiritual growth.

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Paganism/Wicca Spotlight10

Poppet History - Global Poppet Magic

The use of dolls and figures in magic is nothing new. From the ancient Greeks and Egyptians to modern Hoodoo, poppet magic has a long and interesting history!

Sacred Places to Visit Around the World

There are a number of sites around the globe that are places of mystery and magic. Learn about nine amazing places that draw natural energy from the earth.

Why Use CE and BCE for Dates?

Wondering why we use the abbreviations of CE and BCE at About Paganism & Wicca, instead of the BC and AD you're used to seeing in dates? Here's a brief explanation.

Poppets 101 - Introduction to Poppet Magic

Although most people think of a "Voodoo doll" when they think of poppets, there are many different ways to create one. Learn what a poppet is and how it's used.

The Norse Runes

Are you interested in learning about the magic of the Norse runes? This popular divination system is rooted in the legend and lore of Norse mythology.

Ceres, Goddess of the Grain Fields

The Romans honored Ceres, the goddess of grain, each summer. Let's see why Ceres was so important - and which Greek myth she ties into!

Ley Lines: Magical Energy of the Earth

Ley lines are often described in earth-based spirituality. But what are these lines, and how do they connect one place to another?

Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury, UK

Glastonbury Tor has long been known as a place of myth and magic. Learn about the Tor and how its legends came to be.

How to Create Sacred Space

Many people love the idea of sacred space - but how can you create your own sacred space in your everyday life? Here are some tips on how to make any area a bit more magical.

Is Witchcraft a Religion?

Is the practice of witchcraft, in a non-Wiccan context, a religion? Or is it simply a skill set that can be utilized as part of spiritual practice?

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