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Great Ways to Celebrate Yule With Kids


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What Does the Season Mean to You?
Great Ways to Celebrate Yule With Kids

What does Yule mean to you?

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For starters, decide what Yule, the winter Solstice, means to you and your family. Do you focus on the solar aspect of Yule, or do you see it as a transformation of the Goddess? Perhaps your family has a diverse cultural blend, and you celebrate a combination of Yule, Christmas, Hannukah, and other holidays? Do you mark the week of Saturnalia? Figure out how exactly this holiday is important to you.

Next, decide how you want to celebrate. Are you thinking of holding a big ritual, complete with potluck supper, for all your friends? Or are you planning to keep things low-key, with just you and your spouse and kids? Maybe this will be the year you invite the grandparents over to welcome the sun back. Or perhaps you'll have a small solstice celebration for yourself, and then observe Christmas with the more traditional members of your family.

Regardless of how you celebrate, this is a time of year when family is important. If you haven't taken a moment yet to explain to your children why you value the winter solstice, do so. Explain in terms they can understand, depending on their ages. A younger child may simply know that now the days will start getting longer, but a teen may be more interested in the deity connections related to the event itself. Either way, make sure your kids understand WHY you're celebrating -- otherwise, it's just another day with no meaning.

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