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Pipecleaner Pentacles - Make a Pentacle Ornament


Make a Pipecleaner Pentacle
Pipecleaner Pentacles - Make a Pentacle Ornament

Use three chenille stems to shape this pent -- one makes the circle, and the other two get folded around to form the star.

Image © Patti Wigington 2007

Use chenille stems in your favorite color to create one of these. They're easy, and your kids can do it once you show them how to bend the stems. You'll need three pipe cleaners, or chenille stems, for each pentacle.

Bend the first stem into a circle, and overlap the ends by about an inch, so you can twist them closed.

Take the second stem, and create three arms of the star inside the circle. Be sure to twist it around the circle as you make the points, because this will keep it from sliding apart.

Take the last stem and create the final two arms of the star. Use the remaining length of stem (don't snip it off) to twist into a loop so you can hang your ornament.

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