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Cinnamon Stick Yule Candleholder


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Cinnamon Stick Yule Candleholder
Cinnamon Stick Yule Candleholder

Make a cinnamon stick candleholder to celebrate Yule.

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Cinnamon has been used in a variety of ways for thousands of years. The Romans burned it in funeral ceremonies, believing that the aroma was sacred and pleasing to the gods. Because it was hard to come by, during the Middle Ages, wealthy Europeans made sure to serve cinnamon at feasts so their guests would know that no expense had been spared. Later, it became a focus of the spice trade that eventually led to the discovery of North America by white explorers.

With its warm, comforting tones, cinnamon has become, for many people, a scent associated with the Yule season. You can buy whole cinnamon sticks and use them for a number of Yule-themed craft projects. Why not use them to decorate a votive holder for your Yule candles?

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