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Rituals and Ceremonies

Wiccans and Pagans have a number of rituals and celebrations that they use. This section discusses covens and degree systems, intiation, how to find a coven, Sabbat and Esbat rites, and other milestones such as handfastings, birth and death.
  1. Basic Rituals (18)
  2. Death and Dying (5)
  3. How To Find a Coven (37)
  4. Moon Rituals (5)

Why Do People Keep Telling Me Paganism Requires Work?
A reader is baffled about why people keep telling her Paganism requires some effort. After all, she's read a few books and lit some candles -- doesn't this mean she's done learning?

How to Create a Birthday Altar
Got a birthday coming up? Celebrate this annual milestone by setting up a magical birthday altar!

Is It Acceptable to Charge for Spiritual Services?
One of the more spirited debates in the Pagan community is over whether or not it's okay to charge for spiritual services. Should you be expected to pay for Pagan clergy, divination, or classes? Find out whether or not it's reasonable for people to expect payment for services related to Wiccan and Pagan practice.

Teaching Others
At some point, if you study Paganism for any length of time, you may find yourself thinking about teaching others. Perhaps someone has asked you to lead a workshop or a class, or maybe you just think you've got knowledge to share. Either way, before you make the giant commitment of becoming a teacher, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Dispose of Ritual Tools
Wondering what to do with magical items you no longer need or want? Here are some ideas on how to get rid of them properly.

Setting Up Your Magical Altar
So you've decided to set up an altar space of your own - awesome! But where do you put stuff? What goes where? What if you run out of room? Don't panic - everything you need to know for a basic altar setup is here.

Your Magical Name
Many Wiccans and Pagans choose to select a new name to use in ritual and ceremony -- in some cases it's a name shared only with the gods. Learn how you can find the magical name or craft name that's right for you.

Host a Drum Circle
A drum circle is a great way to celebrate a Sabbat -- it's a chance to bring friends together, let off some steam, and raise some amazing energy. Here are some tips on how to have a successful 9and fun!) drum circle.

Love Offerings and Donations
A reader wants to know why a free Pagan event included a donation jar. The answer might surprise you!

Threshold Blessing
Many Pagans do purifications and cleansings of the inside of their homes, but you may want to do a threshold blessing as well. Use a variety of methods to make the doorway of your home a welcoming and positive place to enter.

Pagan Rituals for Families with Children
Looking for rituals and ceremonies that work well for your young Pagans in training? Here's a collection of some of our most popular kid- and family-themed rituals and celebrations.

A Pagan Blessing for the Dead
This simple memorial ceremony can be performed for a deceased loved one. It invokes the powers of the earth, air, fire and water to send the departed off to their next destination.

How to Plan a Ritual
So you'd like to host a ritual of your own. Great! But if you've never done it before, it can be a little overwhelming. Here are a few things to consider when you're planning a ritual on your own.

Hold a Tool Recharging Ritual
Sometimes, our magical tools may seem as though their power and energy has diminished with use. This simple ritual can be performed at Litha, and uses the sun's power to give magical tools a little extra boost.

Cast a Circle
We've all read about the idea of Casting a Circle, but what does it really mean, and how is it done? What is the significance of the Circle in Wiccan and Pagan worship?

Celebrate a Ritual with Limited Space
Perhaps you're a solitary who has to share your space with a non-Pagan roommate. Maybe you're living in a small apartment or renting a room, and there's just not enough space to celebrate a ritual the way you'd like. Don't worry -- there are plenty of ways to celebrate in a small physical space. Read these tips to learn how.

Hold a Journal Ritual - An Easy Alternative to Traditional Rituals
Let's face it, sometimes holding a big ritual (or even a small one) is impractical. Try this simple alternative using a journal and a quiet place.

Death and Dying
Wiccan author Ray Buckland recently did a presentation on a Pagan view of death and dying. He has graciously allowed us permission to share that presentation here on the Pagan/Wiccan website.

Celebrate an Autumn Full Moon - Group Ceremony
Instead of a regular Esbat rite, some Wiccan and Pagan groups tailor their full moon celebrations to the season. This ceremony is designed for a group of at least four people, and can be held during any of the autumn harvest months.

Dedicate a Ritual Space (Group Ceremony)
If you have an area of your home or property designated for ritual work, it's not a bad idea to ceremonially dedicate it as ritual space. A formal dedication ceremony turns that space into more than just a room or a patch of grass - it gives it the feeling of being sacred and magical. Dedicating a ritual space is a good idea if you've recently...

What is the Summerland?
What is the Summerland? A concept often found in NeoWiccan traditions of modern Paganism, the Summerland related to our view of death and the afterlife.

Ritual and Food Allergies
A reader just got diagnosed with a food sensitivity, and is wondering if this will affect her ability to participate in the group's Cakes and Ale ceremony.

The Dark Night of the Soul
Some people report that they experience a dark night of the soul. What is that, and what can you do about it? Learn about the concept of the dark night of the soul here.

Ritual to Kick a Bad Habit
Are you looking for a ritual to help you kick a bad habit? Try using this one, in conjunction with mundane efforts, and you may be able to shed those old habits sooner than you expected!

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