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Candles are often used in Wiccan rituals and spellwork.

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The candle is a commonly used tool in Wiccan and Pagan rituals. In addition to being used as symbols of the god and goddess, and the element of fire, candles are often used in spell workings. The theory is that candles can absorb your personal energy and then release that energy as they burn. In some traditions of Hoodoo and rootwork, candles are burned for a specific amount of days as part of the working.

Some people believe that a candle you make yourself is far more powerful than one that is purchased. Others believe that it is the intent you put into the working that makes a difference, and not the source of the candle. Regardless, most traditions recognize certain colors as important to candle magic.

The candles shown above include a 3 x 7" pillar candle, a 3 x 5" pillar, a pair of tealights and two tapers (unlit). The salt candle is actually a block of salt with a tealight placed inside it, and is used to purify the air in a space.

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