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Frigga - Norse Goddess of Marriage and Prophecy


Frigga was the wife of the all-powerful Odin, and was considered a goddess of fertility and marriage within the Norse pantheon. Also called Frigg, she was also associated with the gift of prophecy, and in some stories is portrayed as weaving the future of men and gods, although she did not have the power to change their destiny. She is credited in some of the Eddas with the development of runes, although in most stories Odin is given the credit.

Frigga is the only one besides Odin who is allowed to sit on his throne, Hlidskjalf, and she is known in some Norse tales as the Queen of Heaven. She was also the mother of Balder, whose legend features prominently in the story of the mistletoe plant. She had a great deal in common with Freyja, the goddess of fertility and war. It's possible that these two goddesses developed from a common Germanic deity, although there's no way of knowing their origins at this point.

Today, many modern Norse Pagans honor Frigga as a goddess of both marriage and prophecy. She is also viewed in some traditions as a peacemaker, and those who would meet under her banner are bound to behave honorably.

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