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How to Make a Quartz Crystal Wand


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Gather Your Supplies
How to Make a Quartz Crystal Wand

Use a stick, a crystal, and a roll of jeweler's wire.

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You’ll need:

  • A wooden stick, about 10 – 16” long
  • A quartz crystal
  • Jeweler’s wire

To find the right stick for your wand, it’s a good idea to go take a walk in the woods. There’s plenty of wood just lying around, and it’s better to select a piece off the ground than breaking it off a perfectly healthy tree. Some people choose a specific type of wood based upon its magical properties. For example, if you wished to have a wand connected to power and strength, you might select oak. Another person might choose to use ash wood instead, as it is strongly tied to magical workings and prophecy. There's no hard and fast rule, however, that you have to use a certain type of wood -- many people make a wand out of the stick that "felt right" to them. In some magical systems, it is believed that a tree limb felled by a storm is imbued with a great deal of magical power.

The quartz crystal you select should be one that resonates with you. Hold it in your hand, close your fingers around it, and see how it feels. Does it feel comforting? Does it feel as though it vibrates with energy? Is it getting warm in your hand?

There are different types of quartz crystals, and each has a variety of magical properties. For conducting energy, white or clear quartz is preferred by many people. Rose quartz is associated with workings related to love and the heart chakras – if you’re going to be using your wand primarily for these sorts of workings select a rose quartz rather than a clear one.

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