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Magical Oils

Make your own magical oils -- it's not hard, and you can blend an endless number of ingredients together for whatever magical or ceremonial purpose you choose.

All About Magical Oils
Looking for information on how to blend and brew your own magical oils? Here's our collection of recipes for magical oils for a variety of purposes.

How to Make Gratitude Oil
Looking for a special oil blended for a gratitude ritual? Mix up a batch of this oil that features oils associated with thankfulness and abundance.

Make Your Own Protection Oil
Blend up a bit of magical protection oil to keep you safe from psychic and magical attacks.

Imbolc Oil
Looking for a special oil for your Imbolc celebration? Brew up a batch of Imbolc oil to bring the scents of the season into your ceremony!

Winter Solstice Oil
Need a special oil for your Yuletide rituals? Blend together this seasonal oil, which will carry the scents of Yule into your ceremonies!

Magical Oils 101
Learn the basics of blending your own magical oils. With just a few simple tips, you'll be able to make your own concoctions in no time at all.

Money Oil
This oil can be blended together in advance and used in any ritual focusing on abundance or prosperity, or spells that call for money oil.

Blessing Oil
This oil can be blended together in advance and used for any ritual requiring blessing, anointing or consecration oil.

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