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Handfasting Basket (Thirteen Blessings)


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Hooray for Handfastings!

Many Wiccan and Pagan couples choose to have a handfasting ceremony instead of a traditional wedding. There are a number of reasons for this -- for starters, even though some states still do not recognize same-sex relationships, Pagan clergy often are willing to perform a handfasting ceremony for gay or lesbian couples. Also, if a couple (whether hetero- or homosexual) has decided they do not want or need the government's blessing to be together, they may opt for a handfasting instead.

In some Wiccan traditions a couple will be handfast for a year and a day, and then choose whether to continue together as a couple or dissolve the relationship.

While many Pagan clergy members are in fact licensed to perform a marriage with the state of their residence, not all handfasting ceremonies include a legal marriage certificate. A handfasting may be performed by anyone -- although typically it's done by someone who has some status within the group, such as a High Priest or High Priestess -- but a marriage may only be performed by a licensed individual.

June is a popular month for handfasting (and weddings in general). No matter what time of year your happy couple is being handfast, you can make this simple gift basket easily with items you can find in just about any craft store.

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