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Imbolc Traditions, Customs and Folklore

Ever wonder why we celebrate Imbolc the way we do? From the ancient Roman festival of Februalia to the legend of St. Valentine, this time of year is rich in custom and tradition. Learn about some of the folklore and history behind today's Imbolc celebrations.

Love Spells, Charms and Customs From Around the World
Love has driven us for centuries, and it's no surprise that there's plenty of magical folklore surrounding the needs of the heart! Learn about some of the customs and traditions that were used to draw love to the lonely in days gone by.

Up Helly Aa - Celebrating the Norse History of the Shetlands
Although it's a fairly modern celebration, Up Helly Aa is the Shetland Islands' way of paying tribute to the Viking ancestry of the area.

Lupercalia: Celebrate the Coming of Spring
The ancient Romans celebrated the festival of Lupercalia in the middle of February. Learn how this Pagan celebration was an early version of Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day
Sure, Valentine's Day was named for a martyred saint, but its roots actually go back to Pagan festivals in early Rome. Learn about how this love-themed holiday evolved from a sexual lottery to the big business it is today.

Brighid's Mantle - History and Lore
What is Brighid's Mantle? This simple piece of cloth is connected to not only the goddess Brighid, but also Saint Brighid. Learn why the mantle is magical, and how you can make one of your own.

Groundhog Day
If you live in North America, chances are you're familiar with Punxatawney Phil and the legend of the groundhog. Where did this idea even come from? You might be surprised to learn it has roots in ancient European folklore!

Februalia: A Time of Purification
As times and spiritual needs changed, a number of different gods and goddesses were honored during the celebration of Februalia. This is a time of purification and cleansing, as well as of making offerings to the divine.

The Festival of Sementivae
Learn about the Roman festival of Sementivae, which falls every year during the Imbolc season.

All About Brighid
Brighid was an Irish hearth goddess who is still celebrated today by many Pagans. Learn about the different myths and legends associated with her, as well as rituals, prayers, and craft projects you can do in her honor.

The Parentalia Festival
What was the ancient Roman celebration of the Parentalia? It was a time to honor the family's dead.

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