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Pagan Clergy Listings


Pagan Clergy Listings

Are you searching for clergy to perform your handfasting or other ceremony?

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We get a lot of requests from people who are looking for a Pagan or Wiccan clergyperson to perform their handfasting, wedding or other ceremony. Because our previous listings were a bit outdated and cumbersome, we're making an effort to streamline and consolidate the information using a new format. As a result, we've put together this list by region. A few important bits of information to read before you go further:

For Clergy:

  • Please only post your information if you are accepting new clients for ceremonies and clergy services. Also, be aware that this listing page is only for Pagan clergy services - please do not use this as a place to advertise classes, dated events or workshops. All submissions MUST be sent in via this form - please do not email me your information.
  • At this time, these listings are only for clergy within the United States. More listing pages will become available shortly for Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries. Please do not post a listing if you not in the United States at this time.
  • Finally, please be sure you post your listing in the proper area - each region has a list of states with it. Know what state you're in, and post accordingly. Be sure to include your town or nearest city in your listing.
  • Any submissions that do not fit within these parameters will be rejected.

For Those Seeking Clergy:

  • This website makes no claims as to the qualifications of any of the clergy whose information is posted here. These pages are provided as a service to our readers. You are advised to research requirements in your state -- in other words, do your homework and check peoples' references before you hire them to officiate at your ceremony! Check with your state to see what requirements are in place as to who can perform a ceremony. In some states, such as Ohio, a minister must be licensed by the Secretary of State before they can perform legally recognized services. Don't be afraid to ask a clergy person for references, or for a copy of their licensing or ordination paperwork.
  • Please note, this page is NOT for Seekers to post that they are looking for a group or teacher. It is for clergy listings only. If you are in search of a coven or group to join, please check our Pagan Group Listings pages.
  • At this time, the listings on these pages are for the United States only. Please do not email asking for information on clergy outside these areas.
  • Listings appear in the order in which they are submitted, with the newest at the top. Because listings are not alphabetized, you may need to scroll through the page to determine if there is a clergyperson in your area. For quicker searches, use "ctrl-F" on your keyboard to find entries in your state or city.
  • Finally, please be aware that if there are no listings for your area, it is because no one has submitted their information yet. You may wish to bookmark the page and then check back later.

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