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Gods and Goddesses Found in Paganism and Wicca

While some traditions of Wicca and Paganism honor an all-encompassing "The God" or "The Goddess", others worship specific deities. Meet some of these gods and goddesses found in contemporary traditions.
  1. Celtic Deities (15)
  2. Egyptian Deities (11)
  3. Greek Deities (17)
  4. Norse Deities (14)
  5. Other Gods and Goddesses (8)
  6. Roman Deities (15)

Pagan Gods and Goddesses
In modern Pagan religions, people feel drawn towards many of the ancient gods. While this is by no means a complete list, it's a good place to get started. Here is a collection of some of the best known gods and goddesses of modern Paganism, as well as some tips on how to make offerings to them and interact with them.

How Do I Know if a Deity Is Calling Me?
How do you know if a deity is trying to get your attention? Here are some things to watch for.

When the Gods Come Calling
Have you been tapped by a god or goddess as part of your spiritual journey? Share your story here with other readers.

Working With the Gods and Goddesses
In most Pagan and Wiccan traditions, interaction with the Divine is a key part of the belief system. Learn about the different types of gods, who they are, and when it's appropriate to ask for their assistance.

Gods and Goddesses of Healing
There are many gods and goddesses associated with healing. Take a look at this list, and welcome the deities of health and wellness into your magical practice and ritual.

Gods and Goddesses of War and Battle
If you find yourself relating to a warrior god or goddess, here are some of the many deities you may want to explore a connection with. Bear in mind that this is not an all-inclusive list, and there are many more warrior deities out there to investigate, from a variety of world pantheons.

Mother Goddesses
Who were some of the ancient mother goddess figures? Were they separate individuals, or was there one all-encompassing deity in the pre-Christian world?

Can We Connect to Deities of the Opposite Gender?
A reader wants to know if he can connect to a deity of the opposite gender -- and is the goddess more powerful than the god?

Pagans and Blasphemy
A reader writes in with concerns that she might have committed blasphemy. Find out what blasphemy means, and whether it even applies in a Pagan religion.

Can I Dedicate to More Than One Deity?
A reader has dedicated to honor one goddess, but now feels tapped by a second. Is it disrespectful to honor them both, or can this be done in a way that celebrate both deities?

How to Make Pagan Prayer Beads
In many magical traditions and religious paths, the use of beads can be a meditative and magical exercise. Why not assemble a set of beads that holds meaning to you, and use it in your ritual practice and workings?

Types of Pagan Deities
In the wide varieties of Pagan paths, there are deities associated with nearly every season of the year, and every aspect of the human existence. Let's take a look at some of the different types of Pagan deities, and see why they are important to followers of contemporary Pagan religions.

Create a God/Goddess Altar

Celebrating the Sacred Masculine
While many Pagan traditions honor a goddess and the sacred feminine, there are plenty of traditions that celebrate masculinity and manhood, primarily based on male archetypes. Let's look at some of the ways that modern Pagans pay tribute to the sacred masculine.

Who Is Santa Muerte?
Although Santa Muerte is not a Pagan figure at all, this increasingly popular symbol of death is attracting some degree of notice among the Pagan community.

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