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Do Wiccans Practice Nude?


Do Wiccans Practice Nude?

Does your tradition require nudity? Some do, some don't.

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Question: Do Wiccans Practice Nude?

I'm thinking about joining a Wiccan coven, but I read somewhere that Wiccans practice in the nude. That sounds kind of embarrassing. What's up with that?


Well, the short answer is that no, not all Wiccans practice nude. But the longer answer is that some do, some don't.

In some traditions of Wicca, rituals may be held in the nude, also referred to as skyclad. Being skyclad is not sexual in nature. Of those who practice skyclad, many say that it helps bring them closer to the Divine, because there is literally nothing between them and the Gods. In other traditions, a person may be skyclad only during certain ceremonies, such as an initiation rite. A lot of people in the Pagan community don't see nudity as embarrassing at all, but if you do, then it's certainly something you should keep in mind when you're looking for a group to practice with.

In many cases, whether a group chooses to work skyclad or not depends on a number of things, such as the age of participants and comfort level with each other, weather, and how much privacy is available. It's one thing to have six naked adults in your living room, but completely another to have them scampering around in the local park.

If you're thinking about becoming part of a Wiccan or Pagan group, it's a good idea to ask about this before you make the commitment to join. The best way to do so is to point-blank ask the group's High Priest or High Priestess. Any issue that is beyond your comfort level is something you'll want to know about in advance.

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