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What are the Seven Chakras?


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What are the Seven Chakras?
What are the Seven Chakras?

The seven chakras all relate to different aspects of the human experience.

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In many metaphysical disciplines, such as energy work, Reiki, and other healing modalities, practitioners use chakras as a focal point for their intent. While chakra theory originated in Hindu mysticism, it has been adopted by the New Age and metaphysical community. There are seven chakras, or energy vortexes in the human body, and each is associated with various physical and emotional experiences. It is believed that if a particular chakra is blocked or imbalanced, then the individual may have trouble or issues with the corresponding physical or emotional experience. For example, someone whose heart chakra is blocked might be experiencing an inability to open themselves up to a relationship, or they may be suffering from physical ailments related to the chest – the heart and lungs, for instance.

With the use of tools such as Reiki and meditation, we can adjust imbalances in our chakras that may be negatively impacting our lives.

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