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Dreams and Meditation

Meditation and dream interpretation are popular fields of study with many Pagans and Wiccans. Learn how meditation works and what it means, as well as several different methods of dream interpretations.

Meditation Exercises
Looking for the various meditations available on About Pagan/Wiccan? We've compiled them here into one convenient place for you!

Perform an Earth Meditation Ritual
As the Wheel of the Year turns, many of us choose to perform meditation rituals that tie in to the different elements -- earth, air, fire and water. This meditation is a perfect one to perform to help you reconnect with the energies of the earth each spring, or to help rejuvenate yourself at other times of the year.

Reiki 101: Healing Energy
Reiki is a healing modality which comes to us from Japan. Many Wiccans and Pagans find this method of channeling healing energy appealing. Learn about the basics of Reiki, and what its benefits can be.

What are the Seven Chakras?
In many metaphysical disciplines and forms of energy work, practitioners utilize the concept of chakras to work with the body and soul. It is believed, in many traditions, that an imbalance in a particular chakra can cause physical, emotion, and spiritual distress. Let's look at the seven chakras, or energy vortexes, of the body, and see how...

Opening Your Third Eye
Are you worried that your third eye might be blocked? Here's how you can tell if your third eye is blocked, and how you can open it back up again.

Meditation 101: An Overview
Ever wonder what meditation is and how it works? Now's your chance to get the basics on meditation and what it can do for you.

Ostara Labyrinth Meditation
The labyrinth has long been used as a tool for meditation and reflection. At Ostara, a time of balance and polarity, use this labyrinth meditation as a problem solving ritual.

Samhain Ancestor Meditation
It's Samhain, and that means for many Pagans and Wiccans it's time to commune with the ancestors. Use this simple meditation technique to call upon those who walked before us -- you may be surprised at some of the people you meet!

Nature Meditation on Amergin
This rite is one designed to be performed alone, although with a little planning it could be done in a coven setting as well. Using the lyrics of the ancient Irish poem, "The Song of Amergin", this meditative ritual is perfect for getting in touch with the natural world around you. What better time to do that than on a warm midsummer afternoon?

Meditation Exercise
This simple meditation exercise is a useful one for achieving the state of Gnosis, which is a higher spiritual plane. Practice this on your journey to reach your True Self.

A Moment of Calm
This 10-minute guided meditation by Tara Broch of Beliefnet is a great way to get your mind, body and spirit relaxed. Works best on a high speed internet connection, but it's still do-able via dial-up for both Mac and PC users.

Dream Journal Online
This online service helps you create a dream journal via your computer -- track trends and changes in your dreams, and either keep them to yourself or share with friends and family. Either way, it's an interesting approach to an old conflict -- how to keep track of what you're dreaming!

What Do Your Dreams Mean?
Have you ever had a dream and woke up wondering why you were thinking about floods, flying, or chickens? Well, chances are good that those things -- and others -- have appeared as a symbol of something else. Here are a few samples of common dream symbols and events that people experience. You can use them as a tool for self-evaluation.

Dream Dictionary
Understanding our dreams is a great way to get in touch with what's really going on in our mind, body, and soul. This extensive dream dictionary provides insight into the meanings of over 4,000 dream archetyes, figures, and events. Read on to learn why those strange things are visiting you in your dreams!

Keep a Dream Journal
Many Wiccans and Pagans put stock in dream meanings -- for a lot of us, it's important to keep track of what our dreams are telling us, because it may be important. Dreams can be prophetic or they can be therapeutic. Keep a dream journal to help you find patterns, and use this knowledge for self-development.

Do You Believe You've Had Past Lives?
Do you believe you’ve experienced a past life or past lives? Share your experiences with other readers, and tell us about them! How did you come to discover your past life, and have you learned anything from the knowledge? See submissions

Past Lives and Reincarnation
Many members of the Pagan and Wiccan communities are interested in past lives and reincarnation. While theres no official standpoint on past lives (as with many other issues), its not uncommon to find Pagans and Wiccans who believe they have experienced past lives. Among those who do, there are often some recurring themes.

Sweet Dreams Protection Pillow for Kids
If your little ones are afraid of Things that go Bump in the Night, put together this Sweet Dreams pillow. It will help keep away the scary stuff, and it's a great magical project you can work on with your child.

Gods and Goddesses of Healing
There are many gods and goddesses associated with healing. Take a look at this list, and welcome the deities of health and wellness into your magical practice and ritual.

How to Create Sacred Space

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Your Spiritual Well-Being
Wondering how seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can impact your spiritual well-being? It can impact all of us - here are some tips on how to give your spiritual life a boost in the middle of the seasonal blahs.

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