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Divination: Tarot, Scrying, Astrology and More

Tarot readings and how they work, scrying, astrology, reading runes and Ogham staves, numerology, and palmistry are all methods of divination used as a guide to the future.
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How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities
Spend any time at all in the Pagan or Wiccan communities, and you're bound to meet individuals who have some fairly pronounced psychic abilities. However, many people believe that everyone has some degree of latent psychic abilities. In some people, these abilities tend to manifest in a more obvious manner -- and in others, it just sits under...

How to Find a Reputable Psychic
Finding a psychic can be a tricky thing. Whether you're looking for a Tarot card reader, a medium, someone to give some basic advice, or just entertainment, it's hard to tell who's good at what they do, and who's just out to take your money. Here's how you can find a psychic who's honest and reputable.

What is a Psychic Empath?
There are many different types of psychic abilities. Some people are known as empaths, which means they are sensitive to the energy and emotions of others. Let's look at empathic ability in more detail.

2012 Predictions: Should You Be Worried?
Are you worried that something horrendous might happen in 2012? Scared that the world's going to come to an end before you're ready? Don't panic - we're going to take a look at some of the most popular 2012 theories, and talk about whether you should be worried or not.

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