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RoseAnna's Sun Moon Tattoo


RoseAnna's Sun Moon Tattoo
Image © RoseAnna 2008, used with permission

Blog reader RoseAnna says, "This beauty is a representation of the Lord and the Lady. No fancy explantion for why I got it, just made up my mind and did it. The colors came out perfect, and now my God and Goddess are a physical part of me as well as spiritual. On my back it's obvious I can't see it, but I know it's there. JUST like my God and Goddess. Ink was done by Troy Lane at AAA Tattoos in Cutler Bay, Florida. The other ink you see there is an angel with my daughters name "Treasure," the initials at the base of my neck "FSC" are actually my best friend's initials, above that but not pictured is an Aum symbol, and the tattoo on my right shoulder blade is my son Kyle's name."

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