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Magical Crystals and Gemstones


Many Pagans use crystals and gemstones in workings, because every stone is connected to some aspect of the human experience. Different traditions attribute various therapeutic and magical properties to each stones, but you can learn which correspondences work best for you. While this is by no means a comprehensive list of every stone in existence, you can use this as a reference point and add to it in your own notes. Write down any workings you do in your Book of Shadows so you can keep track of your results later on.

Are you looking for an even more comprehensive list of how to use some of these crystals and gemstones? Be sure to read the updated version of this article: Magical Crystals and Gemstones


Image by Darrell Gulin/Stockbyte/Getty Images
  • Common Name: Agate
  • Appearance: Brown or gold, sometimes found banded, or in greens or blues
  • Element(s): Earth
  • Healing powers: Connected to brow chakra and matters of the mind; used in workings related to energy, depression, mental health
  • Magical uses: Brings about truth and new perspectives, memories and healing, overcoming loneliness or sadness
  • Other Info: Various forms include Moss Agate and Lace Agate


Image by Ron Evans/Photodisc/Getty Images
  • Common Name: Amber
  • Appearance: Light yellow to orange, sometimes found in shades of green
  • Element(s): Fire
  • Planetary connection: Sun
  • Healing powers: Used to treat eyesight disorders, afflictions of the throat
  • Magical uses: Provides clarity and confidence, strength and protection
  • Other Info: Amber is not truly a stone, but a resin


Image © Patti Wigington 2009
  • Common Name: Amethyst
  • Appearance: Purple/violet form of quartz crystal
  • Element(s): Water
  • Astrological connection: Aquarius, Pisces
  • Healing powers: Connected to the crown chakra, used in treatment of depression and anxiety, stress relief
  • Magical uses: Use in rituals for sharpening the mind and enhancing intuitive powers; also can be an aid in cleansing and clearing sacred space


Image by Ron Evans/Photodisc/Getty Images
  • Common Name: Bloodstone
  • Also known as: Heliotrope
  • Appearance: Green, speckled with reds and golds
  • Element(s): Fire
  • Planetary connection: Mars
  • Healing powers: Connected to matters of the blood, such as hemorrhaging, menstrual cycles, circulatory system
  • Magical uses: General healing, but also used in workings related to money and abundance, fertility


Image by Yashuhide Fumoto/Photodisc/Getty Images
  • Common Name: Carnelian
  • Appearance: Red/orange to brown, often streaked with white
  • Element(s): Earth
  • Healing powers: Associated with treatment of impotency and infertility, also believed to stop nose bleeding or hemorrhaging
  • Magical uses: Use in magical shielding, or as a talisman against psychic attack


Image by Michael Dunning/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images
  • Common Name: Diamond
  • Appearance: Colorless or white, sometimes streaked with yellows
  • Element(s): Air, Fire
  • Planetary connection: Sun
  • Healing powers: Can be used for fertility issues, reproductive health, sexual dysfunction
  • Magical uses: Use for rituals involving meditation and intuition, scrying, astral travel


Image by Don Farrall/Photodisc/Getty Images
  • Common Name: Emerald
  • Appearance: Various shades of green, from light to dark
  • Element(s): Earth
  • Planetary connection: Venus
  • Astrological connection: Taurus
  • Healing powers: General healing and health, eye diseases
  • Magical uses: Connected to balance and creativity, inspiration and insight
  • Other info: Emeralds are actually part of the Beryl family


Image by Matteo Chinellato - ChinellatoPhoto/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images
  • Common Name: Garnet
  • Appearance: Deep red to purple
  • Element(s): Fire
  • Deity connection: Persephone
  • Healing powers: Connected to the root chakra, garnets can be used in healing of reproductive disorders and regulating the menstrual cycle
  • Magical uses: Strongly tied to women's bodies, the garnet is associated with moon magic; also used in rituals to balance the spiritual with the physical body
  • Other info: In some traditions, a garnet obtained through deceit brings a curse upon the person who possesses it, until returned to the legal owner


Image © Patti Wigington 2013
  • Common Name: Hematite
  • Also known as: Paint ore, Iron rose
  • Appearance: Silvery-gray, shiny black to brown
  • Element(s): Fire
  • Planetary connection: Saturn
  • Healing powers: Connected to healing of inflammation and blood disorders, treatment of infection and fevers
  • Magical uses: Use for workings involving protection, particularly of home or property; also an excellent stone for willpower and confidence, problem solving, psychic awareness


Image by Pacifica/Image Bank/Getty Images
  • Common Name: Jade
  • Also known as: Tremolite
  • Appearance: Pale green, sometimes white, pink or gray
  • Element(s): Earth
  • Healing powers: Connected to healing of the internal organs such as the kidneys or spleen; also used to balance the humors of the body and promote longevity
  • Magical uses: Symbolic of pure love, serenity, innocence and truthfulness

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