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Magical Herb Use



Because each herb has its own correspondences, they have long been used for magical workings.

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Store your herbs in glass jars for long-term use.

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Growing your own herbs can be a magical experience!

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So you've decided you're ready to do a magical working... but you're not sure which herbs are the best ones to use. Use this list as a reference point to determine which herbs, plants and flowers are the best choices for your purposes.

Be sure to visit the Magical Herb Gallery for images of many of the herbs listed on this page.

Anxiety: Valerian, skullcap

Beauty: Rosemary, witch hazel, avocado, catnip, ginseng

Business: Hawthorn, sandalwood, basil, frankincense

Courage: Cedar, mullein, tonka bean, cinnamon, yarrow, thyme

Depression: Catnip, dandelion, honeysuckle, goldenrod, hazelnut, mugwort, lavender, saffron, shepherd's purse, coltsfoot

Employment/jobs: Bay leaf, bergamot, pecan

Fortune/luck: Anise, hazel, holly, pomegranate, snakeroot, cinquefoil, basil, clover

Friendship: Orange, lemon, sweet Annie, vanilla

Gambling/games: Chamomile, Buckeye

Healing: Apple blossom, lavender, barley, comfrey, eucalyptus, fennel, chamomile, goldenseal, feverfew, horehound, allspice, olive, rosemary, rue, sandalwood, wintergreen, peppermint

Intuition: Sage, tobacco leaf

Legal issues/justice: Chamomile, hickory, High John root

Love: Allspice, apple blossom, bleeding heart, catnip, lavender, periwinkle, peppermint, tulip, violet, daffodil, clove, yarrow, marjoram, basil, fig, valerian, endive

Lust: Allspice, cinnamon, clove, dill, foxglove, vanilla, ginseng, yohimbe

Money/prosperity: Bay leaf, basil, chamomile, clover, cinquefoil, tonka bean, Buckeye, myrtle, apple, sunflower, pennyroyal

Prophecy: Jasmine, mint, mugwort, sage, rose, tobacco leaf, heliotrope

Protection: Aloe vera, hyssop, asoefetida, mandrake, heather, holly, mugwort, onion, wood betony, valerian, sandalwood, snapdragon, fleabane, mustard, garlic, foxglove, dill, mistletoe

Sleep: Comfrey, lavender, rosemary, thyme

Strength: Oak, acorns, bay leaf, thistle, yarrow

Wisdom: Rowan, hazel, sage

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