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5 Mistakes New Pagans Make - and How To Avoid Them


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I Read One Book, Now I'm Done
5 Mistakes New Pagans Make - and How To Avoid Them

Did you read a book? Good! Now go read some more of them!

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Did you read a really awesome book on modern Pagan practice? If you did, it probably covered important information such as the basic magical tools, how to cast a circle, and the eight NeoPagan Sabbats. Great! That’s a terrific starting point.

Yes, I said starting point. As in, now you’ve got to learn more.

Why? Well, because just like anything else, the more you learn, the more you understand it. If you choose to read only one book on the subject, then you have only that author’s point of view to go on - which means you’re truly selling yourself short.

Spiritual practice - for most folks - is a lifelong process of learning and growing. Don’t be lazy. Go out and learn more stuff. Not sure what to read? Check out the About Pagan/Wiccan reading lists.

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