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Patti Wigington

Religion and Private Schools

By July 2, 2013

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Reader ScoobieSnaxx writes in and says, "I go to a high school run by my parents' church. I wore my Pagan jewelery one day and they made me take it off and said I couldn't wear it. Isn't this discrimination? Don't they have to let me wear it because of freedom of religion?"

Well, if you were at a public school you'd be on track - indeed, you might have a religious discrimination issue on your hands. However, you're at a private school, which is just a bit different. If you're a student at a public school, that information is standard across the board, thanks to federal guidelines on religious expression in public schools. The reason the federal government can take a stance on this matter is because public schools are funded by public money - basically, tax dollars pay for students to attend public schools. However, if you're a student at a private or parochial school, these guidelines may not apply to you. Read more to find out why: Religion in Private Schools

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