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Patti Wigington

Two Prominent Members Leave WBC

By February 7, 2013

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We've talked here on the blog a number of times about the clusterfumble that is Westboro Baptist Church, mostly because they'll protest anything and anything, and it's a good idea to know in advance if they're coming to make fools of themselves in your town. Now, however, they're back in the news again - not for picketing a soldier's funeral or a memorial service for a murdered child, but because two of the most vocal members of the group have publicly announced that they're leaving.

Megan and Grace Phelps-Roper, granddaughters of WBC founder Fred Phelps, were very active in the group's social media campaign up until last fall, when they went mysteriously silent. Now, they've made a public statement announcing that although they do love their family, they are walking away from WBC.

"We know that we've done and said things that hurt people. Inflicting pain on others wasn't the goal, but it was one of the outcomes. We wish it weren't so, and regret that hurt".

It's not the first time someone at WBC has publicly spoken about how messed up Westboro is. Two years ago, Fred Phelps' estranged son Nate, who hadn't lived at home since age 18, denounced his father as "evil." Nate is the uncle of Megan and Grace.

It's a huge step - and certainly not a decision made easily - to leave the family you've spent your life with and never look back. But I applaud them both for their choice to leave their world of hatred and bigotry behind.

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