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Readers Respond: Readers' Picks: Yule Songs

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Do you have a favorite song that brings out the spirit of the Yule season? Share it with our other readers! Share Your Favorite

my favorite Yule song is...

My favorite Yule song is Solstice Bells by the band Jethro Tull.
—Guest tambra

Santa Claus is Pagan Too

You can find this on You Tube. It is by Celtic rock fusion band Emerald Rose, my favorite pagan band!
—Guest Becky

Christmas Down South by Bone Poets

—Guest wildwoosi

Another One

"Pagan Born" by Inkubus Sukkubus needs to be here. If you get a little tired sometimes of soaring melodies and Irish jigs, check these folks out. A lot of great Pagan music, but with a rock flavor.

Yule Song

I really love Lisa Thiel's song "Yule" and another good one is "On Midwinter's Day" by Damh the Bard.
—Guest Northy

RE: Yule songs

I love deck the halls and the nutcracker suite. frosty the snowman
—Guest Geeves

Deck The Halls

A good three or four verses ... not ONE mention of Christmas, Christian imagery or anything. Plenty of singing about the Yule log and the season!
—Guest Conchobor

I've written quite a few fun Yule songs

Some are certainly Pagan, but a few are just silly. Feel free to hop over to my Friends of Rupert channel on YouTube and sing along! I think "Fresh Cat Nip" is my favorite. http://www.youtube.com/friendsofrupert

Everything :)

I listen- and sing along- to all of them, even the Christian based ones. My immediate family, although they aren't orthodox at all, are Christian. Since my family is all very musically inclined, some of my first (and favorite) memories have to do with singing Christmas carols to Mom's guitar or caroling around the neighborhood. By now, the songs themselves don't mean much of anything to me- they aren't my beliefs anymore, and I don't think they ever were- but I listen to them and sing them because it's the memories that I recall most about the holiday season. The songs themselves are just pretty songs. However, if you're asking my favorites, I love "Silver Bells". It's not religious, so I just replace Christmas with Yuletide and it works just fine.
—Guest Maggie


The holly and the ivy is very pagan in orign... Perfect for Yule )O( blessed Yule to you all
—Guest Polly


The holly and the ivy is very pagan in orign... Perfect for Yule )O(
—Guest Polly


The holly and the ivy is very pagan in orign... Perfect for Yule )O(
—Guest Polly

A couple of my favs.

What about Winterwonderland and Jingle Bells?They are more about enjoying the outdoors.
—Guest bittysnitty

On Midwinters day

try a web search for Damh the Bard His album To the Cauldren born has a fantastic Yule song Titled On Mid Winters Day

good song

I haven't seen Frosty the Snowman on here yet. it's one that is a classic winter song, with no attachments other than the magic hat. Maybe not pagan in nature, but still a fun one to sing :)
—Guest aquarabus

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Readers' Picks: Yule Songs

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