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Readers Respond: Reader Ideas for a Book of Shadows

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My BOS is a notebook with spells, rituals, and things. I have no coven, but I hope to make one someday!
—Guest Sophie

my bos

my book of shadows is a binder with loose leaf paper and plastic pockets. it's great when i do spells with candles because the protective pockets protect then from candle wax!
—Guest who's there

My book of shadows

I think that artwork adds a great deal to a book of shadows. I look for pictures in magazines and ones i can print out on line as well as drawing my own pictures to add flavor and intrest to my book. I also included instructions for any hand crafted tools I make, Such as altar cloths, wands, wreathes and more so that i remember what i did the previous year and can expand on it next time or share the idea with a friend.
—Guest starrwoode


My Book of Shadows is on hardcopy in a 3 ring binder as well as on Flashdrive where I can edit spells and/notes of ritual that work or don't as the case may be. Once I have a spell worked correctly, then I handwrite a copy for the physical book. Seems to work out well for me. Hoyte
—Guest Hoyte


My BOS is actually more like a scrapbook. I have pictures of altars I have made over the years, pics of fairy houses my daughter and I have put together, as well as herbs, spells, songs, poems and art that I love. I say....make it as simple or elaborate as you want. After all it is your BOS!
—Guest iris michele


Please...we all know we started somewhere. Be it a 3-ring binder, or notes taken on the fly, or more studious note-taking; we all started somewhere and someplace. Years ago or not, I began myself with notes taken out of a witches catalogue because I couldn't afford books. I learned. I was desperate to learn and wanted it more than anything. As per my Book of Shadows; I am a casual witch. My Book reflects this. I feel that you will learn what you need to. I have no symppathy and little tolerance for those who do not pursue knowledge themselves.
—Guest Ashgreymane


My Book of Shadows is a shop brought A4 sized Notebook that I write & scrap book in (i.e. print lots of pics & notes & tables - which I cut out & paste in accordingly).. I'm finding it a bit messy as I can't move the pages - so am contemplating an electronic version which I can print & place in ring binders & move stuff if I need to. I was thinking of making a database to do this, but a word document may suffice - the electronic version will include a Book of Mirrors section (which will be reflections I make on myself with the craft, nature journal, & my findings from specific spells, rituals, & divinations... Blessings Bright! )O(
—Guest Raziel


i have been add in things to my book for a few years, now i just have to stop and re write everything in a really nice scrapbook someone gave me , its all white with stars moons and blue clouds, funny i did the outside first, i guess i'm waiting for that really big storm to do it.
—Guest Gem

Ever Growing, Ever Changing

I started my BoS a little over a year ago when I realized that I am Wiccan. It's a small 3-ring zipper binder, but I spell-worked a runic design on the covers & spine. I've got dividers and am filling pages of filler paper with hand-written notes, which I plan to fancy-up when it starts getting full. I have a second journal that I carry with me that I take random notes in (websites, poems, thoughts on what comprises my spirituality), and will start another to document my progress through exercises like meditation to further my experience and ability with the Craft. I find that I'm often confused about what to include, as I currently dabble in a lot of different traditions and practices and don't have the time that I'd like to dedicate to my studies, but that's why I chose the 3-ring binder; so that I can rearrange it as I need to, and it will grow with me as I learn.
—Guest Eclipse

BOS - My special book

I have a BOS which was passed down from the generations. Its filled with spells, rituals, prayers, and everything from nuts to bolts in the Wiccan world. I add to it regulary and its my link to my pagan past. I will eventually pass it down to my daughter so that she can add her special touches to the book and so forth. It has weathered through 4 generations of spells and rituals and I hope for more generations to come.
—Guest JoAnn

Book of Shadows

I have two leather bound books. One with gold lettering on the front and the other has a silver pentacle. I purchased the first myself when I was 13. It's a mess of recipes, information on Gods, moon phases, sabbaths and so much more. A good friend purchased the second for me a few years ago. It has spells I've created, favorite recipes, pictures and more serious stuff.
—Guest Nettienut

Post Script re: Book of Shadows

I loved the comments regarding Elvish and Klingon script not being the best idea! I first began to indulge a similar passion with my early BOS. I wanted to hand-scribe everything in Runes!! My advice is this: your BOS should be written in something that can easily be read by candlelight !!

My Book of Shadows

I created my first BOS as a child, making Magickal drawings in a notebook and writing poem-spells across the top of them. It wasn't until 2 decades later, after my formal Dedication and my first Initiation, that I learned I had been making a Book of Shadows. My first Coven called upon modern technology for convenience of sharing information to several people at the same time - we used 3-ring binders so photo-copied letters, passages from books could be distributed to all of us easily. The rest of my pages are hand-made, written in my own script. I include pressed herbs, photos, bits of ribbons used to mark the Circle at Beltane - anything that commemorates an event or supports my Magickal studies gets included. Over the years, my Book has become the "Encyclopedia of Shadows"; I now use three binders, which I attempt to keep separated by 'flavor' of contents. I just began a new one, for my herbal Magick. My Books will be my legacy to my grandchildren, already adept young smudgers.


My BoS is simply too huge to have to write it out. In fact, I had to buy a portable hard-drive to put my BoS in. Well, for one it's huge, for another if my computer ever dies, it's safe from disappearing, that's nearly happened a couple of times now. I have 59 main folders - each folder can have anywhere between 0 - 12 folders inside and between 10 - 100 or more actual articles. I am working on printing it out - and even turning some of the more general pages into PDF's to share with others. I've been working on my collection for over 8 years now. Even though my Circle has it's own basic BoS - I often bring my laptop and DBoS to see if I have a more detailed article about a subject we're working on. If I don't, I can often find one or do enough research and write one. And yes, a majority of the articles (at least half I hate to say) are internet or shared finds - but the rest are my own creations and I find nothing wrong with how it works for me.
—Guest Wolven Witch

My Grimiore/Book of Shadows

I collected a hugh amount of data from the internet about every thing from Altars to Yule. So I started to print them out on parchment paper. I then put them into sheet protectors. Which I put them all into a four inch - three ring binder. I covered the binder with a nice grey suede and painted the world tree on to it. Then I cover the spine with black leather and added the name in Silver paint. As an artist I just had to paint some thing, and that little addition just made that much more personal. I've collected even more information since then. I'm glad I used a system that I can go back though and put in more pages where necessary. I still plan to hand right my spell book.
—Guest doqmarr

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Reader Ideas for a Book of Shadows

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