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Readers Respond: Tarot Readings from Hell

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If you read Tarot cards for other people, chances are good that at some point you've done a reading that was just a nightmare. Either the cards weren't cooperating, the querent was blocking you, or worse yet, everything that came up was negative and awful. Share your stories about your worst Tarot reading experience with our other readers!

Note: Remember, this is for sharing your experiences reading the cards, not having them read for you by another person.

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My very first reading I did immediately after first receiving my cards was for myself. I read how to do the Celtic Cross and carefully followed what I had learned - intrigued by all the meanings of the cards. The final card - the fortune card was Death. I was shocked and left cold and after double checking I had done everything right (I had) I put the cards away and wondered if they were a cursed pack and if I trusted them or wanted to do any readings ever again! Sadly within an hour of doing the reading my phone rang with the news that one of my best friends, a young mother of 2, had just been found after hanging herself. It was awful. It made me very wary of the tarot, I felt like I had jinxed my friend's life. The fact of the matter was that she was suffering depression and was going through an incredibly tough time. In the confusion and sadness that followed I threw myself into learning the Tarot and my readings have now helped myself and others to better understand and improve lif
—Guest Pesty

Crazy friend

Lately one of my friends been obsessing over this guy that has already told her to leave him alone! She what's for me to read her cards a couple of times a day like the future was about to change or she what's me to tell her whatever she wants to hear. I feel used and she's draining my energy to the point that I get a headache by just getting a text from her. I'm seriously considering that it will be best for me to get her out off my life! Ooohhh and in top of that she expects everything for free like I'm her personal reader with no other responsibilities!

First time lucky

Used to do readings for folk at work. Did one for a lass & saw straight away she would get the man she wanted but he would be a love rat. Just couldn't tell her. She got her man & the rest happened anyhow. Was sad for her. But reading some of these stories and how readers feel about their clients in truth I think has put me off readings for life! (Probably a good thing.)
—Guest Choci

Tarot reading from hell

I had a client once that wanted to control his girlfriend. He wanted me to spy on her to see if she was being faithful to him for one thing. He also wanted to know what she was doing and if she still loved him. I felt that it was not the thing for me to do but he kept coming back. It was hard to deal with.

tarot readings from hell

My story is about a guy called Dave, who makes friends with any tarot card reader, he,s what I call a tarot card sicko, n ends up stalking you to death for readings,he wants a reading every bloody day, to the point you have to tell him to stay away from me, or I'm phoning the police, he ended up draining me of energy, n ppl was noticing how he plagued me to death for readings, I finally got rid of him, after a big show down, where my finger was on the phone, about to phone the police to remove him, I know he,s stalked other tarot card readers, n they too have had to stop reading n break friends with him, he stalked one poor woman called rose, who was a psychic tarot card reader, it was a hell of a time, n he,s so hard to get rid of, once he,s in with you, the reason I'm writing this is to warn other tarot readers, if your being harrassed by a tarot sicko called Dave, get rid of him immediately, n if he still poo rushes you, phone the police immediately, he,s likely to strike in the Ma
—Guest maud


Scared I got the cave then destruction in my present but after that she said it was lovely future but I'm past my self and can't stop worrying
—Guest Dan

Surprise Legal Questions

I've been reading cards for over 16 years, and offering my services professionally for over five years. Last year, I met with two women: A and B. While A was getting her reading, B kept jumping in to joke about the message and do her "wink wink, nudge nudge" jokes about this or that part of the message. A and B were laughing it up, but mostly because B wouldn't shut her mouth and let A get her reading without interruptions. B's turn came and within a few minutes of starting her reading her face went pale and she completely stopped talking. She was clearly very upset about something in my reading. Whatever it was, she still paid, but she acted like I predicted her death. The reading fell out as mostly about mundane personal relationship issues - no health, work, or money issues there - but if my goal was to offend and frighten somebody, I certainly seem to have accidentally succeeded with B. I still have no idea what set her off like that.
—Guest Jolly Gemini

Confusing reading

I'm still rather new in reading with cards. I play with them on my own at home but my husband brings his friends from time to time "for a reading". SO once his friend's wife brought her brother to read for him. He was studying and wanted to know which out of 4 jobs should he choose. SO first I did the celtic cross which is the only one I know after the 3 card spread. It just showed lots of work, focus and being unsure about the future. After that we did a 3 card spread for each of his 4 future professions and all cards showed that he will not be happy in all of them for different reasons: some will be too boring, some too difficult, some unpaid and so on. He said he was more confused than before the reading. I felt extremely bad and started reading more books because I thought I didn't get the meanings right.
—Guest simple


Me and my freind was doing tarot readings on each other when i drew death on the 3 card on the 3 card spread meaning future so it was death and my that freind died 3 years after i still do tarot readings but try not to do them on my freinds as much.
—Guest Ravan moon

Worst reading ever

Today I did the worst reading ever, after 10 yrs of readings I've had a few shockers, but this was an 82yr old woman. I was getting things wrong from the start, she wanted to know about her future and I wouldn't go there I faffed around the whole time and just couldn't get anythjng right, on the last card I saw her partner die and her put in a rest home and I was furious that she even came to me, she'd just had a pacemaker out in a week before and I was that overwhelmed by her nightmare heart that I couldn't even see, she was a horrible lady who didn't care a thing about me or how sensitive I am, and all she wanted to know was about her family and I couldn't even find a thing in all her emotional and unhealthy vibes!!!!
—Guest Michelle

Dissapearing Fool

I was completely new to reading tarot cards. I was using my friend's Bosch deck just going through the cards, along with the tarot bible. I noticed that I hadn't seen the Fool card yet, so I looked very carefully to see where it was. I even counted the deck and it was definitely not there. I put the cards back in their box and put them back in the draw. The next day I went to refresh my memory on the cards and their meanings and thought I'd test doing a reading without the fool present. To my surprise whilst I was shuffling a card fell out, and it was the fool. It was the coolest thing that's ever happened to me. Freaky too.
—Guest iuds

I quit reading after one awful reading

It was just littered with awful cards. I said, I must be having a problem tonight. A week later she went into the hospital with a emotional collapse. I decided I didn't want to know about these things any more.

I had no idea

So i had no idea i knew how i read cards but i am involved in satanism so i knew the basics . i read my bestfriend cards & right away all her cards were blocked but her wish card. Her wish card was satan. Well we kept on playing with other friends except this time my friend picked her cards & i read them to them. i knew it was bad we were messing with them but 2 of her cards were not blocked the wish card once again scared me the vibes it sent were creeping up my arm. their was a heart & a crown & i knew it meant evil. she lied saying she wished to know of her parents relationshipand i told her theirs gunna be a death of someone. but in the card it described her dad & i tought it was her dad dying. BUT just yesyerday she came up to me telling she had lied and was thinking of just her parents & she drops this " brenda my grandma just died yesterday " it was her dads mom. now that scared the living crap out of me i was not aware i had such knowledge on this .

The black cloud.

I am quite young and I've been reading for 3 years now. I've started doing readings for strangers and charging a small fee. My first reading with a stranger was one I'd never forget. He sat down and I immediately felt uneasy. I read his cards, all about betrayal and deception. When he went to leave I heard my spirt guide, I won't tell you what he said but I immediately knew this man was going to die and try and take a life. I knew I couldn't so anything about it. So I left it. A few weeks later I hear he had tried to kill his wife and then killed himself. Luckily she survived. I've never felt so quilty in my life.
—Guest Lenaspirit

Dark Fate

I once did a reading for a guy. Using the Simplified Celtic Cross, he got nothing but the dark cards. The Tower, The Devil, Death, and all Swords. With in two months he lost his job, his wife left him, and his daughter died at the hands of a drunk driver. Needless to say I stopped doing readings for others.
—Guest Bear

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Tarot Readings from Hell

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