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Readers Respond: Tarot Readings from Hell

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If you read Tarot cards for other people, chances are good that at some point you've done a reading that was just a nightmare. Either the cards weren't cooperating, the querent was blocking you, or worse yet, everything that came up was negative and awful. Share your stories about your worst Tarot reading experience with our other readers!

Note: Remember, this is for sharing your experiences reading the cards, not having them read for you by another person.

the tarot addict

I had this young women once and everyday she would come for a reading since I was just starting out I didn't and still don't charge (I take tips) she ended up asking the same question sometimes worded just a little different no matter how many times she would shuffle the cards the came back with the same meaning I even started reading directly from the book and she got the same message time and time again. I finally had to tell her I couldn't read for her again, as the message dosent seem to change nor would she
—Guest damion

my reading

I've been practicing forms of craft and tarot readings since I was eight my mother introduced me to it. I did my first reading I got despair as my past, I just lost six very close relatives in the past six months, then I got the empress as my present, and death as my future. A lot of people don't understand death is unavoidable. I was taught and still believe that we never truly die. I'm death we all go to the next life as equals my mother told me. I did my first self reading when I was 21 but did others since I understood enough after I was eleven to do others(my mom had me learn each card meaning) but not afraid of death. And they don't alter the future, they give insight to what it holds. The future never stays the same.
—Guest chris


My very first reading I did immediately after first receiving my cards was for myself. I read how to do the Celtic Cross and carefully followed what I had learned - intrigued by all the meanings of the cards. The final card - the fortune card was Death. I was shocked and left cold and after double checking I had done everything right (I had) I put the cards away and wondered if they were a cursed pack and if I trusted them or wanted to do any readings ever again! Sadly within an hour of doing the reading my phone rang with the news that one of my best friends, a young mother of 2, had just been found after hanging herself. It was awful. It made me very wary of the tarot, I felt like I had jinxed my friend's life. The fact of the matter was that she was suffering depression and was going through an incredibly tough time. In the confusion and sadness that followed I threw myself into learning the Tarot and my readings have now helped myself and others to better understand and improve lif
—Guest Pesty

Crazy friend

Lately one of my friends been obsessing over this guy that has already told her to leave him alone! She what's for me to read her cards a couple of times a day like the future was about to change or she what's me to tell her whatever she wants to hear. I feel used and she's draining my energy to the point that I get a headache by just getting a text from her. I'm seriously considering that it will be best for me to get her out off my life! Ooohhh and in top of that she expects everything for free like I'm her personal reader with no other responsibilities!

First time lucky

Used to do readings for folk at work. Did one for a lass & saw straight away she would get the man she wanted but he would be a love rat. Just couldn't tell her. She got her man & the rest happened anyhow. Was sad for her. But reading some of these stories and how readers feel about their clients in truth I think has put me off readings for life! (Probably a good thing.)
—Guest Choci

Tarot reading from hell

I had a client once that wanted to control his girlfriend. He wanted me to spy on her to see if she was being faithful to him for one thing. He also wanted to know what she was doing and if she still loved him. I felt that it was not the thing for me to do but he kept coming back. It was hard to deal with.

Too much dependence on readings.

I /love/ my tarot deck. It has helped me make decisions, it has helped others make decisions, and they've offered me someone to vent to in some situations when no one else was there to listen. Well... I gave one reading to a friend who, as sometimes happens, began the believe that I was some great Medium capable of talking to God (I'd only been reading consistently for two years at this time. Not quite there yet.) Each time I saw him, he would ask for a reading: even when I was at work and my deck was not with me. And with each progressive reading that I gave him, the cards would make less and less sense. Finally, I asked him. "Have you followed the advice from the last reading?" "Well... no." "Has anything changed in your life since the last reading?" "Uh... nooo..." This isn't an isolated incident, either. It happened with another friend. If a person wants repeated readings but doesn't heed their advice, my cards (at least) will refuse to read them. Its simply a matter of respect.
—Guest Echo

tarot gone wrong

I have been a reader for 16 yrs. Last summer I decided to start charging 20 dollars a reading to help me get through the summertime. Then I read for someone I barely knew. She was incredibly nice and very open to it, but I worked with her and I was a little nervous. I read her cards and told her that she would not have children for a very long time, if ever. I felt so bad that the reading was so heartbreaking for her that I offered to read her again since I may have been wrong cause I was so nervous. I read her again a month later, same results. Then 3 months later, she was pregnant. This happened over a yr ago and it has been very hard to get over that reading and continue to do readings. I decided to stop charging (I had not charged for 15 yrs) but I still have problems with confidence ever since. It was the only reading I had ever done that was just completly wrong.
—Guest gypsy

Very First Time

I was in 6th grade, and my sister (4 years older) were both very into our "Alternative Religious Lifestyle" as my mother would say. I had a knack for getting through with the Oujia Board where my sister couldn't so she bought me my own Tarot Deck for my birthday. So, naturally, I took my time, looking through all of the cards, getting aquainted with them, and I didn't even bother reading the spreads and the meanings in the booklet that came with the deck. My sister asked me that when I was comfortable with it, could I please do my first reading for her? Of course, I wanted to do so right away, excited at this new and exciting thing. I laid the cards out on my own, a simple three card spread. Past, Present, and Future. To both of our surprises, the cards were almost completely spot on. She looked up the meanings after I had given my interpretation, and they were almost identical. My sister was amazed and frightened, but not nearly as much as I!
—Guest Tala Tazanna

The Fool Card

A lady came to me for a reading while I was working at an Esoteric Convention. As she shuffled the cards, the fool card jumped out of the deck. She looked at it and exclaimed, It's telling me something!, it's telling me something!, I smiled and handed her the card and asked her to put it back in the deck. She said NO!! it's telling me something!. So I laid the card aside as she kept kept shuffling. Once she was finished I took the cards and was about to start the lay out when she asked "what about the Fool card". I said to her " I asked to to put it in the deck" she said "well you should have told me what to do with it". I went about doing the reading and she would disagree with everything I said. She started raising her voice to the point of being hysterical. So yes the card was saying something to her but at the same time it was also telling me about her. The Fool card described the lady perfectly, a fool.
—Guest yon

Queen of Swords Looming

When I began reading Tarot cards in my early 20s, I kept it a secret from my abusive, controlling mother because I knew she would accuse me of being some kind of evil Satanic witch and punish me quite severely for it. At the same time, I was secretly making plans to move out of her house and I was also dating a guy that she didn't know about. Every single Tarot reading I did for myself at that time featured the Queen of Swords in a position which indicated I would have to face the Queen sometime very soon. I was confused and frustrated about the Queen constantly turning up in the most trivial readings where it made no sense for the Queen to appear, until I finally realized that the Queen represented my mother, and the cards were telling me I would eventually have to face her and free myself from her control. That confrontation did finally happen, and my life is so much better without the Queen of Swords hovering over my life (and popping up in all my readings!)
—Guest LittlestWitch

Taro gone bad.

I have never learned tarot nor do I own a deck. I usually look upon divination with a jaded eye. As demonstrated in Hamlet its not allways good to know your future, and once knowing it you can often bring it about by acting on that knowledge. However one halloween I was at a party of a friend who did tarot readings. She had me shuffle the deck 7 times while concentrating on my question. Afther that she laid out all the cards in a pattern and connected certain symbols on the cards laying next to each other if there was a match. She had told me before she began that usually only 3 to 7 matches ever appeared and using these matches could determine the answer to my question. Well she started to count all the matches the cards had made and her eyes just got big and her face was so pale I thought she would faint. She had counted and I had no less than 37 matches or pairs. Then she just looked up at me and said, "What were you thinking?" Needless to say I never got an answer.
—Guest Kathy

could write a book

I cant really classify this as a reading from hell, dont even believe in that..but have been both teaching tarot & runes amongst other things for well over 30 years. One night, whe working for a company of readers, about to quit, the phone for readings rang, I was exhaused,but once the cards are in my hands it isnt *me* doing the readings anyhow, just getting the kudos and drained out feeling afterward. But anyhow, I introuced myself and got silence and then heard a small cry. I explained as I began to pull her in and keep shuffling. Next thing I knew, I was watching me, slumped over on my desk, she was having a conversation with her deceased husband thru me & she had intended to kill herself..he found me. he tucked her in, & told her "he would see her again,and she would know it was him, from the twinkle in his eyes". she kept me in this state till I fought to come back, drained & mouth was,weird, asked & found out he'd had a stroke on that side. this is not a toy.

Don't Touch!

I started reading for friends in high school, and I have to admit that I was inexperianced and stupid. There was a friend of a friend who wanted a reading. Back then I let people touch my cards, to get their energy into them. I still do this with people that I trust, but I learned the hard way what someone can do to my cards. The first reading I did for him was all swords and wands. The second was more swords, plus the devil and the tower. I cleansed them as best I could, but it took over 6 months for my cards to stop giving me mostly swords in every reading. I have since found out that that guy landed himself in prison for drug trafficking and assault! Scary! Never again!
—Guest MorningStar

Tarot Readings from Hell

I once had an invitation to read for a group of friends of one of my clients. There were approximately 6 girls who wanted readings...and one (an Aries) who ADAMANTLY did NOT. The others cjoled and prodded and so she agreed to get a reading. I tired to explain to the girls why it wouldn't be a good idea....they just kept at us both. Finally the girl sits before me (arms crossed too!) . As I laid the cards, no lie! they were saying how she would be swept off of her feet by a man she would literally just bump in to. He would be tall and dark hair. She would also be married within the year. Yeah.........sounded like the stereotypical gypsy wishwash right? I now will not engage in any back n forth to read for one who is not happy to have it for themselves! The Aries?!? never called me to tell me herself, but my client told me that she was engaged to a man who she collided with at their gym,,,,yeah he was tall and dark and the Aries friend was head over heels about him.
—Guest subtlewitch

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