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Readers Respond: Energy/Prayer Requests from Readers

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Do you feel like you need your fellow Wiccans and Pagans to send some positive energy your way? Do you know someone who could use healing prayers or light sent their way? Post your energy/prayer requests here, or feel free to offer up a prayer for someone who may be in need.

Note: Please refrain from asking for prayers that someone be "saved." That is not the purpose of this website or of this Prayer Request line, and there are other places on the Internet more appropriate for such requests. Any requests for people to be saved or return to church will be deleted.

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Please pray that my parents and all of us brothers and sisters be free from all negative karma. Please pray that all our ancestors be helped in the purification of their soul. May we all have excellent business sense and we each have excellent source of income. May God bless me to be conceive and have healthy pregnancy and child with normal and easy delivery.
—Guest Regina

send some positive energy my way

I have always been able to power through the tough times until 2 years ago....PTSD has had me emotionaly paralyzed and it seems my family can't catch a break. Financial troubles, loved ones with cancer, toxic stress... I would be so grateful for some good news, positive changes and financial peace. Please help me. I need to be stronger for my 3 kids and husband and our friends. Blessed be.
—Guest Rikki

prayers for a new job

Please pray so that I could get a job soon. I walked out of my last one because I felt that it had to be done. Now I am having trouble finding another one! Thank you!!
—Guest Maria

Prayers to get through this rough patch

Please pray for my family. My two special needs children, their father who is afraid of losing his job this coming Wed. and suffers from debilitating back pain for someone his age, and myself who is currently unemployed, but trying to find a steady source of income. Thank you
—Guest Elizabeth W

Need help please

I am so stressed and worried about my family's well being. My toddler son is eating less and less and I keep getting all this horrible health problems all of a sudden and I just got an eviction notice and have no family in the state who can help me. I am going to fight it but I'm only so strong I feel like a group of people whom I live next to is wishing my family harm and they are vicious please send protection prayers my way I am begging you as we'll as healing and strength prayers so we can stay in our apartment. Bless you all and thank you for your help I will never forget it.

Abusive Relationship

My friend Anna Maria has been in a physically, emotionally, psychologically (you name it) abusive relationship for many years now, I and all of our friends have tried talking to her about it and have tried to get her to leave him but she wont. it's been getting worse lately and she'd be grateful if someone would please cast a protection spell or charm or even just pray. It's also a possibility that she's unable to leave because her mother-in-law is from a small Chilean village that are superstitious and as a result perform curses, etc. So there's a small chance that she was the one that have made her so emotionally attached to this man and unable to leave. It's a small chance but please help in any way you can, thank you
—Guest Emily

Thank you For Your Prayers

Thank you Blessed Spirit for my complete health and wellness. I know all is well in every way. Thank you.
—Guest dave

positive energy to set things right

Seeking positive energy and love to conquer K'babe. She will need to be conquered... that JP is shown he is man enough to take the challenge. Love doesn't fade quietly when it is meant to be, sometimes one needs to swope in and take it. If JP can't answer the call that he should, bring forth the man that can. Energy for a happiness love and light for K'babe.
—Guest lenz

prayers for Lily

MY dog Lily just underwent surgery to remove a mammary tumor that had been identified as malignant. I am asking for healing and prayers for her that the surgery eliminated all cancer and she can continue living a happy canine existence
—Guest tanya

prayers for Lily

MY dog Lily just underwent surgery to remove a mammary tumor that had been identified as malignant. I am asking for healing and prayers for her that the surgery eliminated all cancer and she can continue living a happy canine existence
—Guest tanya

need money blessing

my family can use a financial blessing to help my daughter pay her bills without so much stress i dont know if i can prayer for a lottery win but i pray that we can win one not millions but a couple of thousands to keep us a float so pray for us to be bless with this money
—Guest susan

Prayer for my son

Requesting healing work for my sons acne. He has not been open to accepting my help and he has been dealing with this for 3 years now. He just turned 18 and I want him to begin his new chapter feeling good about himself. Thank you.
—Guest Xin


I've been trying to deal with depression, due to a diagnosis of pcos and a few other things that are beginning to pile up. I'm having a hard time coping and I'm not really sure what to try to start to feel more like myself.

Prayers for Elias to return home to mom

I am being alienated from my special need son by my narcissitic ex bf! Im a great mom, devoted my life to son! Ive been SOLE CARETAKER thru 9surgeries & all. Ex is a wealthy vindictive selfish guy! Single mom/full time student! Ex threatned take my son bc i said he need 2 pay child support! Court is 6/4/2014. Pray everything goes well in my favor @ court, i'm granted custody of Elias, my ex stops trying to hurt me @ my son's expense! PARENTAL ALIENATION IS EMOTIONAL CHILD ABUSE! Lots prayers needed! Thank you everyone! ♥Denise

Financial help

Please send light and love a friend of mind helped me out financially and now needs that money back I don't have it , am very worried on how I am to return it as it was lent on good faith I need to do the right thing as this was a large some an arrangement was made but this person broke the agreement and now demands it by a pacific date in 2weeks , I wish this person only love and peace as this was a close friend . I ask for prey in this difficult situation as I'm very stressed over it and want to return it with a loving thank you .
—Guest Jane

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Energy/Prayer Requests from Readers

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