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Readers Respond: Energy/Prayer Requests from Readers

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Do you feel like you need your fellow Wiccans and Pagans to send some positive energy your way? Do you know someone who could use healing prayers or light sent their way? Post your energy/prayer requests here, or feel free to offer up a prayer for someone who may be in need.

Note: Please refrain from asking for prayers that someone be "saved." That is not the purpose of this website or of this Prayer Request line, and there are other places on the Internet more appropriate for such requests. Any requests for people to be saved or return to church will be deleted.

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relationship problems

please send me energy or prayers to help me because I m in love with H., we see each other regularly but he doesn t want to have a serious relationship with me or show his love to me, he is afraid to lose his freedom and I really need to feel loved because it makes me very depressed! and I feel that it happens to m all the time , like a curse... thank you
—Guest lucie


I am asking for fellow Witches, Wiccans, or Pagans with the time and energy to pray for healing for me to help rid my mind, body, and spirit of my current disease so that I may know inner peace, harmony, and serenity. I have not yet been able to make it happen on my own. Merry Ostara to everyone and blessed be!
—Guest Storm

Prayers for my son please

Hi, can you please pray for my son Domenic, he has a court case today, can you please pray that it all goes well and for a good outcome....also for our dear God to give him the strength to give up the drinking, and regain his health, so he can bring up his 3 children in a healthy and happy environment. Thank you so much!!
—Guest Aurora

healing and saftey

please pray my mom my brother my self Mohamed mu uncle & grandfather be healthy happy calm loving & peaceful about my move to Egypt and marriage to Mohamed keep us all safe and pour calm loving energy into our hearts and minds protect us and help us be loving heal my moms body and grandfathers body please
—Guest georgia nora

true love in dark times

Me and my boyfriend love eachother very much. I live with bad mental illness and struggle with depression and suicide on a regular basis without my proper medication. My boyfriend and I have just moved in together and I can no longer efford my medication. I ask for prayer that my drak shadow will b lifted from my sholders. My bfs mom died a while ago and her birthday is next month. I ask for prayer that my bf and I will make it threw these next couple dark months and come out stronger then before.
—Guest SophieValentine


please send me energy or prayers to help me with my relationship and receive more love ! thank you
—Guest lucie

Son-in-Law needs job

Please pray for my dear daughter and Son-in-Law (Philip), and my two lovely grandkids. After 22 years on the job (as a welder), Philip was laid off. Their savings are dwindling,..and they have a mortgage and bills. There’s the very real possibility that they will lose their home and land (and vehicles). But prayer changes things. Philip needs to get a steady, dependable, full-time job (with a decent steady paycheck) in this local area. There aren’t very many jobs in this area,..but with prayer, nothing is impossible. Please if you can, donate a few minutes of your time to offer a prayer for my dear family. Many thanks and blessings to you.
—Guest Dee

to get a normal blood report

please pray for me,iam suffering with heppatitis b infection.2008 onwards iam taking medicine but no cure.iam suffering a lot not only physical moreover that emotionally and financially. iam a health department person but i cannot go for job because iam not medically fit.All people are asking to my parents why your daughter is not going for a job he is crying always.Its all because of my disease.I am emotionally killing my parents every seconds.I need to get a normal blood report.And need to get a complete cure in the name of Jesus.I know that through your prayer i will get a normal blood report with complete healthy body. thankuuuuu so much please remember me in your personal prayer.
—Guest sonia

My marriage

Dear brothers and sisters, My name is Julie. I'm from Russia. I am asking for ptayer help saving my 16 yrs of marriage. My husband Sergey had left me and our 3 kids for almost 2 yrs. I know that there is nothing is impossible to God. Only Father can reveal this miracle of my family reunion. I trust Lord's promise. My husband has filed for divorce. I pray that my husband may get over of whatever his going through. Please Lord, I seek for Your mercy and blessing that You may allow us to spend the rest of our lives with each other. Please make this feeling mutual for both of us. Lead us not into temptations. Guide us wherever we go. Always put us in each other's heart and mind. Thank You Lord for hearing my prayer. I love you! Amen!
—Guest Julie

Help this friend of mine please...

Please send positive energies to my friend Nick who is always absent from school for some unknown reason. He keeps saying that he won't get anything good after he graduated from college and I was worried about him, since he is one of my buddies in our thesis. He would always stay in his dorm room. He won't tell me why he keeps on skipping classes. Please send him some positive energies so that he would see something good by attending classes. Thanks and Blessed be. )0(
—Guest Concerned Someone

pray for recovery

kindly pray for my fiancee who has undergone heart operation on feb 1st ,who is getting treatment in delhi,Kindly pray so that i could bring him to hyderabad as he is a orphan there is no one to take care of him,Kindly pray for his recovery and move back to UAE for his job and pray about my visa to UAE
—Guest chandana

Deliverance from Ancestral Curse.

Even duo it needs spell please cast me to be free.
—Guest Nnaemeka Ugwuanyi

A Demon...

To me, a 'Demon' is simply a prolonged manifestation of an abusive thought-form(an object materialized by will-power alone, which has no physical properties). A demon seems like it is just an entity that formed from an intense period of anger, unlike short-term incidences that just go away. I feel that we have a demon in our home, that follows every single one of us around, and it even tried to hurt my younger, autistic sister(me and her are autistic), just a few days ago this week! It almost killed her(I thank God everyday that she is OK and in good-health), and it made me very angry. I know that more anger is just going to fuel it, but I don't know what to do to get rid of it! We have no way to get our house blessed. So, my prayer request is to expel this and other evil entities! May you be blessed, forever, whether you pray for me or not. Thank you.
—Guest Creedless Crosser

Positive energy for my Solider

My Soldier is deployed, in Guatemala. It mite not be a war area, but he and the other Soldier's are order not to go off the base, in their uniforms because of the drug cartels. I miss him so much, please send him positive energy and safe return. Thank you and Blessed Be

Restoration, Conviction and Divine Inter

Praying for Restoration and Divine Intervention with the man I have Loved for over 20yrs- He has done some really bad things to me for the sake of pleasing someone that he works with- he has not seen me in over 3yrs because of this other person Im asking for extensive Prayer for his permanent return to my life so that we may resume our Love for each other thru Jesus Christ. Please Pray for the other person to be permanently removed from his life. In Jesus Mighty Name AMEN
—Guest Salvation

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Energy/Prayer Requests from Readers

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