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Readers Respond: Energy/Prayer Requests from Readers

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I really need healing.

I need healing because I felt that I'm affected by negative energy because many people (most are my dorm-mates) seem to make fun of me and I want to overcome the fear of things like "the end of the world" and "articles on some sites that bash other religions." Blessed be.

prayer request

hi there Husband seriously needs a job been laid off since may...he has interviews please send good energy for the right company to hire him thanks...
—Guest barbara Tavernetti

Needing prayers

I have court in the morning and i need prayers to help me get through this in a positive way. I pray the judge will see the good in me and the love in my soul for i am doing everything possible to be a better person and mother. Please help me get through this and i can get through anything. Please send me positive energy. Thank you.
—Guest Chelsea

Lords of Karma

Please help Elizabeth Moore Overstreet, Elizabeth Moore has helped remember in kindness, That all her good deeds reflect out o the world. It seems that every onme has forgotten her in the physical and the spirit. The some type of evil has gotten a hold of her and is trying to turn her evil and all her energies, prayers and lords of Karma requests seemed to have been blocked. She feels that they have hidden the real person that she is Almost changing places with her. Please help in all the ways that you that you think you can. Thank You
—Guest EM

much needed energy''

Hello my friends may God bless us all in our every day life '' You are my family and i really count on you exspecaily your prays i dont know what i would do if i had'nt you to pray for me iam torchard daily suffering and pain ''all i want is some of my life back that has been stolen so i can go on my on jurney to find peace and happyness with the rest i was accept in community college starting in march 9/2012 for nursing and looking for work daily '' just maybe i can find some peace '' pray that i have the health and strenghth to compleate my goals andall negative will stay at bay '' Thankyou my friends love always V.H.
—Guest Vernell Hill


please help.I have m.e.i am severely affected.I am housebound. I am really struggling because also i have a neighbour from hell living in the flat above mine.i have tried so many things ,nothing has made any difference.they are very very noisy.this is badly affecting my health. need some prayers if possible for some peace and quiet.for the noise to stop.thank you.
—Guest ophelie

At a point of no return now! Pray needed

Send energy to me. Pray for me. Being almost completely broke, no work, no income. In a very dark time in my journey in this life.
—Guest raymond

Cindy {Amethist} be healed

My name is Frank Please Cindy {Amethist} needs to be healed . And that our friendship grow in peace most importantly that she be healed Thank You
—Guest Frank

i need healing

i need some positve healing energy for my body i got with the wrong guy and now i am paying for it and i also am in need of a job and house of my own and the people i live with have alot of negative energy and i need alot of positive energy used to my soul goal in life was to get married agin but after this last guy i went with i dont care if that ever happens for me i will b thankful for being healed and haveing a job and home of my own there are worst things in life than being alone
—Guest carolyn

Here I am again B L

B never made it here the other night, but he should be here shortly. Shower us with your positive energy and prayers. Please open B's heart and mind so that he can see what he will not have if he should loose me, and help B to understand his addictions are not doing him any good. May B realize the good woman that I am, and I am capable and want to help him nurture his 14 year old son before he takes the wrong road. I love B and his son very much. B's busniess is also suffering due to his addictions and I don't want him or his business to suffer any longer. May my love for him show today and may he open his heart and mind. Thank you, L

for finance

please pray for me for clearance of my debts i have a lot of debts also pray for another good job to help me pay my debts
—Guest felicia


I am requesting your positive energy & prayers for B and I. B has addicitions that take much control of him. I love him. I do believe he loves me. But his addictions may be stronger than his love for me. I am asking for your energy and prayers to open his heart and mind to what is real and most important. May he spend more time with his 14 year old son. May he see the love I have for him. As for me, may I begin to learn more about Wicca. I do believe that Wiccan prayers helped me in the past. I am a beginner and I am ready to start learning. Please shower us with your energry and prayers tonight as we visit and talk together later this evening. Thank you so much.

Hernia & Sinus Trouble

PLease pray that I may be free from a hernia and from sinus/general oral discomfort
—Guest Michael L Taylor

For calamity victims in the Philippines

Last December 16 a typhoon strikes in Mindanao, Philippines. Please pray for all the victims, especially those who lost their loved ones, of the said calamity. They need to recover from this tragedy. Blessed be.

sick baby

my niece, Zoe is 10 weeks old. She was diagnosed with a cancerous malignant rhabdoid tumor last week and is fighting for her life in the hospital. Please pray for her recovery and for her parents to stay strong
—Guest Kim

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Energy/Prayer Requests from Readers

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