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Readers Respond: Energy/Prayer Requests from Readers

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Almost Healed

Luna is almost healed from the virus that's been plaguing her. The doctor says, perhaps one more week. Please surround Luna with the healing light of Divine Presence. Permeate her body, mind, and spirit with Divine Love. Lead her safely to total health this week and protect her from any relapses. Blessed Be.
—Guest Luna

My daughter

Give my daughter a prayer. Shes lost her job and home. Shes living with friends she cant leave the county shes in shes in a divorce and custody battle. Her husband didnt want the kids now he does just to get at her. She has really tried but its hard for her, she has 4 children. She wants to come live here where I live, there are jobs here but she cant leave the children. She know longer has a lawyer due to lack of funds. Please guide her, she honestly has been trying for some reason for evey step she takes she goes 3 steps back. She needs all the prayers you can give. Thank you
—Guest Cheryl

Son needs healing of his stomach

About a week ago my son was working weed eating his stomach started hurting him he drank a lot water and has had pain from that time on. He has no insurance and I can not get him to go to the doctor. He needs healing from they inside out, Please pray ,light a candle , send him healing thoughts , his name is Neil and I love him very much and can't stand to see him in this pain. I thank you all for any time you have to send him your healing thoughts ,lighting a candle for him saying your prayers for him, Blessings to you , Blessed Be .
—Guest Ronda

Please send love and forgiveness

please send love and forgiveness to me and two fellow classmates Nadja and Diana that have wronged me and I have wronged them. I want peace anc reconciliation between us. So mote it be.
—Guest Halcyon Days

Help Me Reach Goals

Please send positive energy and envision me reaching my goals of overcoming depression, purchasing land, building a green, ecological, off the grid home, growing a big garden, being partially self-sufficient, and MOST IMPORTANTLY help me turn around and tithe and share these blessings and achievements back to the community.
—Guest Cat

Need a Job and Releif

Please send positive energy and prayers for my family. I am in desperate need of a job, and finding one seems to be hard going. We are in a very bad situation. All prayers and positive vibes appreciated.
—Guest Gina


Just ended a relationship. It became violent, and I feel the I'm being sucked back into it on a spiritual level. Asking for prayer to sever the connection between me and my ex. Thank You for all your help.
—Guest Alvie Givhan

sister sandra

Please pray for my sister who seems to be lost,she seems to feel as if everyone is against her and getting very angry.Her mood has changed severely in the last 5-6 months & I wish her light and love.She said to me the other day that I am dead to her and I am no longer her sister , please help,thank you
—Guest marilyn


Please surround Luna with love and light. Please comfort and encourage her in the midst of this setback in her treatment. May the power of divine healing flow into her and through her. Please grant her total healing from this virus. Blessed be.
—Guest Luna Blanca

i need positive energy

please send me energy to be able to have more peace of mind because I suffer from bipolar disorders and also to help me in my relationships thank you
—Guest lucie

Please pray for us.

I am a person living with psycosis and possession. A lot of people, children and animals are attacked psychically and sexually in and around my body. It's been bad for about five years. I've tried to commit suicide twice because of the demonic attacks. I telepathize a lot with people and pets, but I don't think any of them know in their own bodies. Please pray for us all. If you have any questions please ask.
—Guest SabrinaWellard

School for little girl

Please could you pray for my little girl, Allison, and me. I am getting divorced and have been staying with my parents but I need to find a home for us within the school area and I'm struggling. the registration period was changed and now I have just over 5 weeks to find somewhere for us to stay so that my daughter can go to school with the friends that she made at her pre-school. With all the upset in her life in the last few years, I wanted her to be able to stay with her friends as she has a hard time making friends. Please pray for us so that we can find a nice home in time so that she can go to school. Thank you so very much
—Guest Benita

My friend

Please pray for my friend he's afraid he has Carotid Artery Disease. He has pains in his head and his neck on the left side. It hurts me to know he's going through this. Please pray for him. Blessed be
—Guest Tiffa Blakeley

Mental Peace and Financial Help

I am fully depressed and in a very bad financial condition please pray for me
—Guest Ujwala

healing energy

i need strenghth to in healing myself. I have a few diseases that has caused me to develop early stages of colon cancer. I've tried many homeopathic which helps relieve the pain. I have to much to live for and radiation/kemo theapy is out of the question I have already been through it. I also would like to know from my fellow believers if there is other healing remedies that may help. Blessed it be
—Guest kris

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Energy/Prayer Requests from Readers

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