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Readers Respond: Energy/Prayer Requests from Readers

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thank you

I am just asking forpositive energy that can be spared. I've been depressed and can't seem to bring myself out of it. I'm a new pagan and alone in it(in the broom closet) I have a wonderful family and life in general is good. But I'm so hard on myself , and know its not fair to them. Thank you all.
—Guest spirits.child

Job or financial gain request

I have been unemployed for over a year now. I have applied for disability but I am affraid my unemployment will run out before I find a job or my disability is approved. Please send me the energy I need to help make something happen soon...blessed be

Request for healing and finances

Merry Meet, i am in need of healing energy for back pain. Ive had a massive flare up with my fibromyalgia and can barely walk. I also request some prayers to aid with financial income and prosperity. Thank you. Many blessings. In love and light Caladriana
—Guest Caladriana

Prayers for All in Need

I pray that all those who have left requests here find some real healing and comfort in the loving and nurturing arms of the Goddess and the God. It may feel like it, but you are not alone, you are loved, and you will find your way. We bless ourselves when we bless and pray for others. It is a sacred and beautiful thing. Blessed Be
—Guest Jen

need love

Have been living whole life with family ,friends ,loved ones saying but not showing their love for me can not find true love .I am 38 years old and have not been in a serious relationship. Please send prayers up.
—Guest guest

healing energy

for things to get better for me and my kids we have had enough rain
—Guest carolyn

Job Needed

My fiance lives in Alabama and I live in NC. We are trying to find him a job here so we can be together. Right now, we see each other only three days a month. I have tried many spells and workings to find a job for him. I try to keep my energy positive but after so many months, it's getting harder and harder. I could use and would be grateful for any positive energy that could be sent my way. Love and Light.
—Guest Erin

Financial Miracle

I am in need of an enormous financial miracle. I have used up all my efforts and barely thriving on what energy I have left. Please send me all the positive energy you can to make this turn around I so desperately need. Thank you

Mental Health

Prayers for my sister who is not been given the medical help she needs. Cathrine suffers from the lack of mental and physical ailments. She keeps getting turned down for the meds and Doctoring that she most highly needs. Please help her turn her life around so she can have the best life possible. Blessed Be Thank you
—Guest tinaspurlemoon


God in Heaven please pray for Rona to receive financial help today to pay off all her debts. I ask you this in the name of Jesus Christ your son through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
—Guest Rona


I feel like there is something wrong with me, like I am unlovable. Growing up, I was molested and raped by my step father. Since that point I had 1 boyfriend as a teenager. Other than that, any man I've ever been interested in not only does not feel the same, but typically goes out of their way to avoid me from that point on, after they find out I'm interested in them. I'm now 30 years old and I've still only had 1 boyfriend & the horrible experiences of childhood. I really feel like there is something seriously affecting me, but I don't know what. I'm a very kind hearted person, I think I'm fairly pretty, it KILLS me that I seem to scare away those whom I become interested in. It is SOOOOO DEPRESSING.
—Guest Paige

love and marriage

Pls help me to find my soul love mate a man,who love my with all hard, who whant me, who whant to live with me in one hause. I ' m looking for love now. PLS help me
—Guest Maia

love and marriage

Pls help me to find my soul love mate a man,who love my with all hard, who whant me, who whant to live with me in one hause. I ' m looking for love now. PLS help me
—Guest Maia


God,Please help me.i am severely affected.I am really struggling because, i have for So Long Not found True success,social recognition,name,money,wife etc.&have not been able to prove myself as a man,due to low energy & bad experiences all the time from evil human characters, whom i might face on road/from shopkeeper/people i might know/vehicle drivers who cross me etc. on a daily basis as also in all circumstances i get mistreated/misbehaved/victimised/fooled with due to my non-aggressive,vulnerable nature,body & face.....and am looked at in a very demeaning/evil/searching way by such evil characters to down further my confidence and droop my mind & my body language into fear & inconfidence, Please Help & HEAL ME AND MY SURROUNDINGS FOREVER IN EVERY MOMENT OF MY LIFE,SO THAT I NO LONGER HAVE TO DEAL WITH SUCH NEGATIVE ENERGIES EXPRESSED ABOVE,,AND ME & MY LIFE GETS FULFILLED,HAPPY,HEALTHY,POSITIVE,SUCCESSFUL,VICTORIOUS,RESPECTED,LOVED,ENERGETIC,MANLY &I get All Good I desire!
—Guest Rajendra Lele

Need a job

I've been unemployed for the 2nd time in 3 years. I am feeling really hopeless. I am afraid my unemployment is going to run out before I find a job. Please send positive energy and prayers for me to find a job that lasts at the salary I need. Thank you
—Guest Request

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