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The Bible and Suicide

Readers Respond: Getting Tapped by a God or Goddess

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333, black figure.

In these past few months I have come to belive in paganism etc. Since then I have been seeing the numbers "333" everywhere, even in my dreams, and whenever I see them a ghostly black figure comes up behind me and touches my shoulder, even in my dreams, Also I can always feel something with "F" at the start in the air, since then I have, Fallen, been freed, and learnt freedom, also my family company is Cauldron. the name Cerridwen seems familer. Coincidence? Maybe. Fate? Probably.
—Guest eddie333

Ivy, 947 and my connections to the two

Ivy is a plant I have always really liked. I have always had a fascination with it. Years and years ago (before I became Wiccan) I decided I wanted to get ivy tattooed around my left ankle. I did it a few years ago and love it. For a long time I have also seen the numbers 947 everywhere. I see them in any order, all over. License plates, mail boxes, the clock, TV, at work...every thing. I was sitting in Barnes and Noble one day reading a book about numerology and there was a numbers chart you could look things up with. (It wasn't a simple A=1, B=2, C=3 chart. It was more detailed.) I looked up the numbers 947 and they correspond with I, V and Y. My jaw hit the ground. Now every time I see 947 or see ivy somewhere I see it as the goddess and god winking at me. ;) Blessed be everyone. Love to all.
—Guest Lady Ivy

Tapped with Technology

Oddly enough I was contact by the horned one through one of my video games! Playing a particularly trying level, set in a flourishing forest I came across a wooden table with a horned mask displayed upon it. I have yet to find this mask or table again. I had always been a strong follower of the goddess but after this expierance I have become OBSESSED with the horned one he's constantly on my mind. I feel this was the Goddess's way of pointing out my one sided fixation with her haha she just wants the hubby to get some lovin too :P
—Guest darrow

baby black cat

i was going through a rough time with my personal life and feeling lost.i felt alone.i went to my back yard one day and was staring at the moon contemplating suicde wen a sudden breeze hit me and small golden eyed black cat meowed.i looked at it and approached it.it kept meowing until i picked it up it started purring.i felt someone was with me eerie as it sounds.later that month i had discovered wicca and it all made sense to me.i truly felt the goddess was sending me a sign of comfort and a sign i was indeed loved and not alone.
—Guest blackbirdsong6

Fun With Loki

I worked at a mall during the last holiday season, and during my lunch break one day i went to talk to a friend. We got talking, and he told me he followed the Norse pantheon. I do too, so we talked some more. Then suddenly a calender fell off a rack across from us. There were no customers and there was no wind or anything. He laughed and said it was Loki. I asked about it, and he said he forgot to release him after a spell he did, and he was going to do it later when he got home. I laughed too, then picked up the calender. After my break, i went back my station in the electronics department at KMart, and when i was all alone, a child's outfit fell on the ground in front of the my register. Clothes, kids clothes especially, are on the opposite side of the store and we don't have a return cart in electronics. It was just Loki telling me he was there.
—Guest goldeye

I dream of Diana

I had a dream that I was in the backyard of my other house at night time, looking up at the sky, I called out to a Goddess by the name of Cynthia, and I looked to where the moon should of been and called out, Cynthia why have you forsaken me, and then I felt the presence of the Goddess in me and I touched my head, my chest and then blew a kiss to the sky. I woke up and later that day I looked up on the internet Cynthia+Moon+Goddess and turns out it was one of other names of Diana or Artemis, the moon Goddess, and I can't remember where I read it, might of been the Gospel of Aradia? Aradia being Diana's daughter, that you blow a kiss to the sky and touch the heart and head, it's like the pagan way of the Goddess hand movement thing when comparing it to the christian cross
—Guest Xdea

Morrigan's Call

In my 10th grade year in high school, while I was getting off the bus with my older sister. I stopped her to tell that I decided to get into Wicca and Paganism. I when I said that, the most beautiful black raven flew past us, at an abnormally close range. I couldn't believe it! I don't believe in concedience at all. Morrigan's symbol is a raven and when I found that out, it turned my life around. I'll always remember that day.
—Guest Cat


My "calling," if you will, is Druidry. (Perhaps influenced by my Scottish ancestry.) And, although there are many deities in Celtic traditions, it was Brighid who consistently manifested Herself to me. Her name and ways would show up in the Oghams, and during ritual and ceremony her presence is almost palpable as either a participant (as in the case of Goddess oriented ceremonies,) or a spectator (as in the case of God oriented ceremonies.) Although addressing the deities appropriate to the seasonal ceremonies, She never is neglected, and is much more "comfortable" to work around. Although She is noted for feminine, domestic type behavior, She is also a shield-maiden (protector,) and a blacksmith. In the end, I think that you can adore any deity, or none. But, when an entity has its sight set on you, you'll know it eventually.


I set off for a walk one day in Wales, and became light headed, and settled down for a rest on top of a hill in some woods. I soon fell asleep and did not wake for an hour. I had the most strange dream about dragons and energy forces. This experience led me into a bit of research on the internet and I have become interested in Pagan beliefs. I soon discovered that I was very close to an ancient mythological site, and the Dragons where in fact visions of energy fields. The experience has brought about many strange experiences in my life and things just continue to unfold. It has become very exciting and many of my old problems have paled into insignificance. The amazing thing is that what has been revealed is so simple, yet nobody even cares. All you need to know is that everything is unfolding as it should. I still do not know exactly where this is going for me in this world, but to be honest, it doesn't really matter.

Many little things...

I had a dream where my grandmother who has passed was telling me to go sit outside and talk to Luna...and i was like umm ok i had no clue who that was. Luna being my maiden name I thought she was confused or something. Then I had a friend who was into numerology do my name and my number came up with being attached to Luna. So I looked up Luna and found she was the Moon Goddess and being that I have always felt drawn to the moon and these other things I figured Luna was calling me to her.

Literally Tapped

I was going through a horrible time a few months back. At the time I wasn't practicing wicca but was a believer. One Night I was dreaming something random, and all of sudden i was flying through stars and a beautiful woman grabbed my shoulder and just caressed me. while a strong male figure stood behind her. I felt so comforted and safe. I awoke knowing that she was calling me back. Since there have been rough times but I feel in control and my relationships with loved ones have flourished. Blessed Be.
—Guest anita

Hope this helps!

In my country where I live, we believe in ancestor worship. We believe that we are born with the presence of a guardian angel and spiritual guides. These spiritual guides, where people that had already lived on earth in diferent times, their only mission is to protect you in this lifetime. We call them spiritual ancestors, but when someone close to us dies they become our family ancestor. And they both comunicate to us in dreams and make you fell their presence even when we are awake. A spiritual ancestor or guide can contact you in a dream or a medium in an spiritual seance and tell you their chosen spiritual path when they were alive on earth, with country they lived also their names so you can contact them for help in times of need.
—Guest Ivemir

I had a vision

I had a vision I was in a dream stasis, and a being tall uniformed and bright came to me i saw my brothers kids who passed away last year in a fire... and I couldnt see them clearly but I knew it was them..and then I turned to face eight more figures and I just have to know is this a spiritual factor a god or goddesses or the god trying to contact me or is this in my head...appreciate truth and many ideas.
—Guest GuitarPlayerFrank420

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