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Readers Respond: Getting Tapped by a God or Goddess

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Touched by the love of Divinity

Over the past couple of months when sitting in my room I would feel the spirit of some awesome being touch me and fill me will complete love and happiness. Yesterday when going trhough my Faerie Oracle deck I stopped to look upon the picture of The Green Man and again came that same feeling of complete love and happiness. I was moved to happy tears at this feeling. I've always loved the forest, and getting this blessing from The Green man reminded me that I've been searching in all the wrong pantheons, and in the end I should just keep it simple.
—Guest - fiery temper

Is this a sign?

Once, a few months ago I had a dream that I was walking along the sea and I kept hearing the name Poisedon repeated over and over. Frequently I see the sea in my head and the name Poisedon repeated. Is this a sign that Poisedon wants to speak with me?
—Guest Hannah_Serpentress


Okay, I know this sounds really weird, but I hear voices. Or rather just one voice. It never tells me to do anything wrong, usually only speaks to me when I'm in danger or I need to do something immediately. Several moths ago I was walking into the post office to mail a package. I heard a voice directly in my left ear, say "Give her a stamp". I immediately turned around, to see only one lady behind me talking toward the automated machine. (I was actually looking for the person who spoke to me.) Seeing no one, I continued on into the post office to mail my package. While standing n line, again I heard "Give her a stamp', only this time far more insistent. I turned around and the lady that was headed to the automated machine was behind me. I asked if she needed a stamp. She said she did, but only needed one and didn't want to run her credit card for only one stamp. I gave her a stamp. She offered to pay for it, and I told her no, just to do a kind deed for someone else during the day.
—Guest hachismom

A Tap Or Spirit Guide?

I don't know very much about Pagan really, but I practice witchcraft and am a medium. I wondered how one might know the difference between a tap from a god or goddess or one's spirit guide attempting to make contact?


My first spiritual experiences came from seeing Krishna in several dreams. Sometimes I saw His associates with Him, like Radha or Balarama. Sometimes They would interact in Their sweet pastimes, and other times they would more directly interact with me and call upon me to act. It was a clear sign ... I learned about Hare Krishna maha-mantra meditations (chanting "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare" repeatedly with focus and attention) and found an incomparable peace and joy in my mind and heart!
—Guest Krishna Bhaktin


My horoscope has always been an Aries, however, I have always felt the need to protect and help people. After high school, I wanted to enlist in the military, but could not because of health reasons. Then I found firefighting. I could not think of doing anything else. Is Ares trying to tell me something? I am always feeling drawn to his energy for some reason. I have explored other gods and goddesses, I always come back to him. I am drawn towards other gods and goddesses however. This is just the main energy that I am receiving, is this a bad thing?
—Guest Adam

Is it Athena/Minerva?

I started learning about Wicca since February 2011. Last June I happen to buy a notebook with owls on the cover. At first, I didn't know why I chose that notebook. Months later, a friend of mine showed me one of his drawings that he never showed me before -- a drawing of an owl. When I checked his art gallery on Deviant Art the first three images on his page are related to owls. I sometimes think that this is a connection.


I couldn't move and even when I closed my eyes I could see her. A stern old woman. I'd look away and she'd just move accordingly as if to say, "look at me!". Actually a horrifying experience, but once I stopped crying (wouldn't u if a old angry woman wouldn't go away) and accepted her she went away. Wow Hecate I know ur a tough ol bird, but I gotta admit, ur forward ways bring about results... btw it was November.
—Guest November


I couldn't move and even when I closed my eyes I could see her. A stern old woman. I'd look away and she'd just move accordingly as if to say, "look at me!". Actually a horrifying experience, but once I stopped crying (wouldn't u if a old angry woman wouldn't go away) and accepted her she went away. Wow Hecate I know ur a tough ol bird, but I gotta admit, ur forward ways bring about results... btw it was November.
—Guest November

Family of Pagans, Lady of Heimdall

Im an Old Soul. For as long as I can remember, I've always protected those close to me and even those who weren't. Standing up for what I believed to be right. I was always known as the watch dog or the protector. People would reach out to me for help. My father was always into family genealogy. Together we traced our ancestors back to the Saxons. We worshipped the Norse Gods and Goddesses. Our tribe was one of the last Germanic tribes to convert to Christianity. This left me overly curious. Paganism drew me in and I began to research the Deities we once worshipped. One God caught my attention. Heimdall. He was so much like me. In almost every way. I felt and still feel a strong connection with him. I'm new to Paganism. How do I know if this strong connection is actually him reaching out to me? In my dreams, it's always Heimdall and wolves, peace and protection. Fall days. Smiles. And the ever present need to look out for those around me. Have I been tapped? Would someone email me?
—Guest Elgod


I'm fairly new to everything so I am still learning but before I started studying the Craft I've had many strange experience and each time they happen, they keep becoming stronger and they are connected. Thinking about explaining it makes me feel like I'm losing my mind because no one really listens. I've researched and I cannot seem to find out if it is a deity or not, it's happened frequently as of late though. One of the more frequent happened while I was at work the other day; I zoned and found myself staring up at the ceiling after a flash of a face I've never seen before filled my vision. It was of a beautifully sculpted face, but piercing blue eyes with odd amethyst coloring near the middle. I can't tell what color the hair is but it is either black or platinum. The next day thought I woke up from an odd dream and my hands were scorching to the point that I actually made my poor kitten hiss and run off when I moved her off my pillow. And the dream involved the same face.
—Guest Nikki


I am fairly new to Wicca and originally I felt a strong connection with the goddess and less so with the god. During the summer, whenever I saw the sun I'd think of ra, but there was no true calling. Recently I seemed to be always surrounded by bees, constantly! My friends noticed too. Then in my classics class at school a huge bee flew into the classroom and my teacher said "in ancient Athens they would have seem this as a sign from the gods", were studying ancient Athens at the moment - and strangely our topic included comparing the Athenian wife to a queen bee. So, I got home and looked up the meaning of bees and I discovered they were messengers from the gods - and had a connection with ra! So I have taken it to mean that Ra was sending me a message.

A dream.

I don't believe in Wicca or Paganism -- pretty staunch atheist most my life, and only just started to open myself to spirituality. Anyway, I was drifting in and out of consciousness -- meditating, I suppose -- when I had one of those half-awake-half-asleep dreams. Normally, nothing major. But it's been haunting me since. I was coming out of a forest and into a clearing. In the middle stood a marble statue of a woman dressed in a flowing white robe or dress. Vines had slowly started to overcome her pedestal, the forest reclaiming her, but it seemed almost... friendly in its reclamation. I walked around the statue, admiring the beauty, feeling utterly at peace, until a ringing tone drew my attention to the sky. It was black and green, swirling into a focal point above the statue's head. I knew I had to leave. My visit was over. When I came back to reality, I had the statue's name (whom I knew was a representation of a goddess) stuck in my head. Until I went to write it down. Any ideas?
—Guest Searching

A weird dream

A few days after I dedicated myself I dreamt that there was a bright man that was glowing. He didn't say anything to me. Does anyone know who he is?
—Guest Anonymous


A couple night's ago I dreamed of a dark forest, and a woman came up to me. She told me her name was Kali and that I was her daughter and she claimed me. However, months before I dreamed of Ishtar, and even dedicated myself to her. So now I've been tapped by two.
—Guest Soleil

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Getting Tapped by a God or Goddess

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