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I couldn't move and even when I closed my eyes I could see her. A stern old woman. I'd look away and she'd just move accordingly as if to say, "look at me!". Actually a horrifying experience, but once I stopped crying (wouldn't u if a old angry woman wouldn't go away) and accepted her she went away. Wow Hecate I know ur a tough ol bird, but I gotta admit, ur forward ways bring about results... btw it was November.
—Guest November

Family of Pagans, Lady of Heimdall

Im an Old Soul. For as long as I can remember, I've always protected those close to me and even those who weren't. Standing up for what I believed to be right. I was always known as the watch dog or the protector. People would reach out to me for help. My father was always into family genealogy. Together we traced our ancestors back to the Saxons. We worshipped the Norse Gods and Goddesses. Our tribe was one of the last Germanic tribes to convert to Christianity. This left me overly curious. Paganism drew me in and I began to research the Deities we once worshipped. One God caught my attention. Heimdall. He was so much like me. In almost every way. I felt and still feel a strong connection with him. I'm new to Paganism. How do I know if this strong connection is actually him reaching out to me? In my dreams, it's always Heimdall and wolves, peace and protection. Fall days. Smiles. And the ever present need to look out for those around me. Have I been tapped? Would someone email me?
—Guest Elgod


I'm fairly new to everything so I am still learning but before I started studying the Craft I've had many strange experience and each time they happen, they keep becoming stronger and they are connected. Thinking about explaining it makes me feel like I'm losing my mind because no one really listens. I've researched and I cannot seem to find out if it is a deity or not, it's happened frequently as of late though. One of the more frequent happened while I was at work the other day; I zoned and found myself staring up at the ceiling after a flash of a face I've never seen before filled my vision. It was of a beautifully sculpted face, but piercing blue eyes with odd amethyst coloring near the middle. I can't tell what color the hair is but it is either black or platinum. The next day thought I woke up from an odd dream and my hands were scorching to the point that I actually made my poor kitten hiss and run off when I moved her off my pillow. And the dream involved the same face.
—Guest Nikki


I am fairly new to Wicca and originally I felt a strong connection with the goddess and less so with the god. During the summer, whenever I saw the sun I'd think of ra, but there was no true calling. Recently I seemed to be always surrounded by bees, constantly! My friends noticed too. Then in my classics class at school a huge bee flew into the classroom and my teacher said "in ancient Athens they would have seem this as a sign from the gods", were studying ancient Athens at the moment - and strangely our topic included comparing the Athenian wife to a queen bee. So, I got home and looked up the meaning of bees and I discovered they were messengers from the gods - and had a connection with ra! So I have taken it to mean that Ra was sending me a message.

A dream.

I don't believe in Wicca or Paganism -- pretty staunch atheist most my life, and only just started to open myself to spirituality. Anyway, I was drifting in and out of consciousness -- meditating, I suppose -- when I had one of those half-awake-half-asleep dreams. Normally, nothing major. But it's been haunting me since. I was coming out of a forest and into a clearing. In the middle stood a marble statue of a woman dressed in a flowing white robe or dress. Vines had slowly started to overcome her pedestal, the forest reclaiming her, but it seemed almost... friendly in its reclamation. I walked around the statue, admiring the beauty, feeling utterly at peace, until a ringing tone drew my attention to the sky. It was black and green, swirling into a focal point above the statue's head. I knew I had to leave. My visit was over. When I came back to reality, I had the statue's name (whom I knew was a representation of a goddess) stuck in my head. Until I went to write it down. Any ideas?
—Guest Searching

A weird dream

A few days after I dedicated myself I dreamt that there was a bright man that was glowing. He didn't say anything to me. Does anyone know who he is?
—Guest Anonymous


A couple night's ago I dreamed of a dark forest, and a woman came up to me. She told me her name was Kali and that I was her daughter and she claimed me. However, months before I dreamed of Ishtar, and even dedicated myself to her. So now I've been tapped by two.
—Guest Soleil

Subtle or Obvious

A few weeks ago, I was at a beginners Pagan study group & toward the end of the session, I picked up a Goddess Tarot deck and begin to admire each card. I came across 2 goddess cards that I couldn't look away from. The first was goddess Suli, (Illness & Wellness), and the second was goddess Brigid (Inspiration); their descriptions on the tarot card are the words in parenthesis. I then realized how much these words signified for me. For starters, I have always been artistically inclined, taking on anything from musical instruments, dancing, singing, oil painting, wood/hand crafting, to gardening & cooking. Then referencing to the Suli tarot card with Illness & Wellness, since the age of 18 I have been struggling with the loss of my kidneys, dealing with dialysis & organ transplantation to name a few. But just this past January, I was again blessed with a new kidney transplant. So in conclusion, I feel these 2 deities have called out to me. Now I must focus on what the next step is!

Little chat

I was in the tub this morning, with the blinds on the windows up. It was a really really grey and cloudy day, but there was a moment when this golden light came in through the window, and lit up the whole room. It's true that they say that the Deities have a sense of humour! Also, a couple of nights ago, I meditated. During this, I was climbing up a golden, sunlit tree, and a woman floated towards me, with long blonde hair, she took my face into her hands and told me she would bring my inner Witch out of me, and that her name was Layla. Since finding this article, I researched her, and found that she was part of so many religion, and belonged to hundreds of names (including Lilith). She also, during her human (well...) life was supposed to have lived in a tree. I have heard a lot of demonic versions of Lilith, but I don't believe them for a minute. She was a powerful woman, confident within herself and sexuality, which is what I need from her. I am thankful for her guidance. Blessings
—Guest Jessica


I have been searching for many years, but once, a little over a year ago, at the height of pleasure, I heard an Eagle cry, and the name Odin in my head. At another time, similar to before, there was a man of blue whom I instantly knew to be Vishnu. How very odd I thought at the time to be visited by two gods from different pantheons. But my views have made sense of this as late. All are one, one is all.
—Guest LadyFalcon

Meditation tape

I saw a Divine Female, that had come from a Heavenly realm. She said, I am your Mother, and You are my child and I love You very much. Then I had a dream of the Goddess Isis, She was an Egyptian Woman, and She said,'I am your Mother, and I love You very much. If ever you need help, don't hesitate to ask.' Then I had a Meditation tape called, The Goddess Within, the Rainbow, by Diane Stein. It was very interesting to Meditate on your very own inner Goddess. Is an inner God or Goddess different from an outer God or Goddess? If so, what are the differences? I do not have this Meditation tape anymore. Does anyone have any information as to how to optain this tape? Please let me know. Oh, get this, I have also been Contacted by the God of the Abrahamic Faith too. Are there those who have had Pagan or Witch experiences and an experience from the Abrahamic Faith too? Please tell me. Blessed Be!
—Guest Waltz


I had an experience where I was given a name by a Goddess who represented herself as a white cat. Does any one know which Goddess is represent by a white cat? I have always felt drawn to Diana.
—Guest sharon truthseer


I have been studying Paganism for nearly a year. I never realised at first, but I think a Goddess has been watching me from the start. I have always had a strong love for the night, but once I started studying Paganism I felt like I was always being watched. One night I was out running by the road, and a female voice told me to stop. I did, just as a car rounded the corner. It was speeding, and if I'd kept going I would've been hit. I'm not exactly sure who saved me that night, but I pray to them every night. If you know who it was, email ktmac10@gmail.com I'd love to know who saved me.
—Guest Katie

Finding Cerridwen and Cernunnos

When I was 15, I discovered Wicca, and by the time I was 17, I had a pretty good idea of who my Lady was-Cerridwen. But I was also noticing more wildlife around me than usual-squirrels, raccoons, birds, I even met an unusually friendly buck in a very small wildlife park close to my house. I lived in a city in Florida, so we never saw deer. I wondered briefly if maybe I was wrong about my Lady. My boyfriend at the time's dad and his partner were both Pagan, and his dad offered to do a Tarot reading for me to clarify who my Lady was. The Tarot proved me right, my Lady is indeed Cerridwen, but they also told me I have a Lord. I had never felt close to any God before, so I was surprised. His dad asked if I had noticed unusual happenings, and I mentioned the animals and deer. After another reading, it was determined my Lord is Cernunnos. I guess He thought I needed extra guidance in finding him, and He was right. I am now dedicated to both my Lord and Lady, and I have never been happier.
—Guest DaughterOfTheFey

Across Pantheons

I personally believe that everyone has a father and mother deity whether or not they know of them. My own Divine parents are Gaia and Cernunnos. I have always been drawn to Gaia, even as a little girl I called to her and thanked her as "Mother Earth" or--once I learned her name--Gaia. When I became Wiccan, it seemed natural for me to continue to address her and she took on the role of my maternal guardian in my daily life. I have never doubted that she is my Mother. Finding Cernunnos as my Father was a bit more challenging. I had dreams and visions of a humanoid man with horns and--occasionally--hoves following me and protecting me. He always felt like what I imagined a father would and sometimes I woke from the visions and dreams calling out for "Dad." The entire thing seemed odd to me as I had never had a paternal figure in my life or even used those words. Eventually I began searching for his name and I found him. I love them. I love my Mother and Father.

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Getting Tapped by a God or Goddess

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