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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Pagan-Friendly Children's Book?

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There aren't a lot of books out there specifically for kids in Wiccan and Pagan families. That makes it kind of tough sometimes to find books... however, once you do a little digging, you'll find there are a ton of books that support Pagan and Wiccan principles and values. Things like stewardship of the earth, respect for nature, reverence of the ancestors, tolerance for diversity, a hope towards peace -- all things that many Wiccan and Pagan parents would like to see instilled in their kids. Tell our readers what your family's favorite titles are!

Juniper game

really good book for young teens that even as an adult and parent i still enjoy reading
—Guest sarah

One more?

Peaceful Piggy Meditates is a favorite in our house :)
—Guest Anne

An Ordinary Girl, a Magical Child

I love An Ordinary Girl, a Magical Child by W. Lyon Martin. My kids think it's an awesome book and it takes you through all the Sabbats, a full moon and answers other questions with stories. It's an all around great book. Since I attend a UU church with my family we hold a ritual at church for Sabbats and I have used this book for the Children's story.
—Guest RowanCrann

Lilith Celebrates Lammas

"Lilith Celebrates Lammas" is the first of a series of children's picture books that celebrates the Witch's Sabbats and Esbats. In this story, young Lilith, along with her brother and sister, celebrates the Harvest festival of Lammas. She and her family spend the day honoring the God and Goddess, playing games, giving gifts, and enjoying their Festival Feast!

Monica Furlong

I love Monica Furlong's books Wise Child, Juniper and Colman.
—Guest Woodwife

Wiccan Pre-Teen / Teen

For entertaiment and information Isobel Bird's Circle of Three set is a good read. IMHO http://www.teenreads.com/authors/au-bird-isobel.asp
—Guest Misty


I am so glad you included the Next Place. I found this book when my son was young and went through a stage of fearing I would die at any moment. What I found out through this book was that his real fear was what would happen when he died. This is a tough topic, especialy for parents who dont even want to think it, but it smoothed the bridge for him and allowed me to realize that I could use it at work with the elderly to read to them while they were preparing to pass over. It has been of great comfort.
—Guest OpenHeart

Just a reminder...

Because there really aren't that many Pagan-oriented children's books out there, I like to remind everyone about my book "Growing Up Pagan: A Workbook for Wiccan Families". It is full-color inside and out and is filled with stories of Pagan mythology, crosswords, word seeks, drawing activities and much, much more. This book received a glowing review by Patti on this site. Check it out!
—Guest Raine_Hill

Walking the World in Wonder.

The wheel of the year provides the structure for this simple plant identification book. Each plant speaks of its own properties and the best part is that these plants are so common (think maple trees and plantain, dandelion and milkweed) that any young child could find a few in almost any outdoor enviornment.
—Guest jane

There is a great Pagan kids publisher

http://magicalchild.handcraftedpagan.com/ They have some really lovely picture books out for the youngest of our kids. The website offers some great craft ideas and pagan themes colouring pages every month.
—Guest Zyalia

Classic UK kids books that I love

I think Jill Barklem's "Brambly Hedge" series gently instill reverence for Nature and an awareness/appreciation of the Turning of the Wheel and the joys of family, friends, and community without being religious. Even today I love wrapping myself up warm and cosy with some tea to read "The Secret Staircase" every Yule and frequently watch the other season-related stories charmingly brought to life on DVD. Even my mother and sister love the sweet little mice of B.H.!
—Guest EclecticPaganInSweden

For older kids/teens

The Dark Is Rising, Mathemagics, and the Diana Duane trilogy So You Want To Be A Wizard/Deep Wizardry/High Wizardry

Seven Spirals: A Chakra Sutra for Kids

By Deena Haiber and Aimee MacDonald. This picture book is a beautifully illustrated and engaging storybook following 7 everyday kids through a weekend of their lives, while giving a glimpse of the seven chakras and using them as themes for each of the 7 vignettes.
—Guest Chris

Aisha's Moonlit Walk

Aisha's Moonlit Walk is a wonderful collection of stories and activities for the pagan year. Valuable for parents and teachers.

Growing Up Pagan: A Workbook for Wiccan

I was hoping to get on Patti's list here, as she did give this book a rave five-star review on this site. It is indeed a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing full color workbook filled with crosswords, word seeks, mythology, gorgeous illustrations and a final test and Certificate of Achievement that children may hang on their wall. For more info, visit, http://www.rainehill.com
—Guest Raine

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