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Pagan Poetry Collection bracelet

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By Unique Visions by Jen

Pagan Poetry Collection bracelet

Pagan Poetry Collection bracelet

Pagan Poetry Collection bracelet

Pagan Poetry Collection bracelet

What I Made

~Pagan Poetry bracelet~

I personally hand make and sell one of a kind, affordable, glass beaded, stretch string jewelry...mostly bracelets. I have 24 different Collections..one of those Collections being The Pagan Poetry Collection. Each of these pieces come with a pentacle charm on them.

I have over 300 pieces posted on Face Book, My Space, Photo Bucket, and about 40 pieces on Etsy.com. We can be found under Unique Visions by Jen.

What Inspired Me

I Love making jewelry and I Love bracelets!! I was laid off my job 5 years ago and needed something to do while waiting for jobs to call me back. I spent hours and hours creating less expensive bracelets and before I knew it I had over 600 of them!! I sold them very cheaply and realized that I could be making better bracelets with mostly glass beads and price them individually. I then decided to make Collections and name them because I Love naming things :) I'm also a Pagan which is why I chose to create The Pagan Poetry Collection. I go to craft shows and have done The Crafty Crafters Expo and I'm going to be a crafter at Chicago Pagan Pride of 2010 this summer.

Tips and Tricks

  • Be original..don't steal other peoples ideas and let your true art shine.
  • Post items on Etsy.com...an all hand made and sold website for artists. Just 20 cents per item posted and that advertisement lasts for 4 months.
  • When you advertise, make sure you are able to honor and uphold what you have advertised.. (no one likes false advertisement)
  • advertise frequently..the more you advertise and get your product out there, the more people will see it.
  • Sign up for craft shows in your area.
  • Look for places that do consignment (selling your product at their store and you would both get a portion of the money.

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