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Crochet Goddess Doll

Share Your Story: Share Your Pagan Craft Projects With Our Readers

By Catriona

Crochet Goddess Doll

Plain White Crochet Goddess Doll

What I Made

Crochet Goddess Doll

What Inspired Me

I wanted to make something pagan for children, as there seems to be so little.

I had always thought a goddess doll would be great for kids as the arms can easily be used like a handle.

I wanted a simple pattern than could very easily be embellished so that the doll could be used like a amulet or poppet.

Something that can be as plain or if making one for yourself, elaborate as you'd like.

So far I have only made plain dolls but I'm planning on making a few element inspired dolls.

Tips and Tricks

  • wrap up herbs &/or gems in a piece of cloth & place in the doll while stuffing.
  • use a colour of wool to represent a element, season etc
  • stitch on sigils, runes etc
  • use gem stone beads, threaded on the wool as you crochet, for a round, to create a necklace of beads. Stitched on beads have a tenacity of coming loose. Not good if you plan to give the doll to a child. This way the beads will only come off if the beads break.
  • stuff as you make the doll....I found the more stuffing the better as it helps to retain the shape.
  • Let your imagination run free!

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