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By RobinLarkspur

Wiccan Writes

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Wiccan Writes

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When Did You Start Your Pagan Blog?

August 1, 2010

What Topics Do You Cover?

My blog description is: Crafting a Life on the Wiccan Path. I discuss how Wicca is part of my everyday life. Topics also include, magick, book reviews (especially pagan books, but also fiction), gardening, crafting, current events, my dogs, garden, wildlife, rituals, spell casting. Just about anything that embraces my lifestyle and Wicca.

What Makes Your Pagan Blog Worth Reading?

Firstly, I like to write with humor; I enjoy discussing Wiccan topics and love to receive comments from my readers. I follow quite a few pagan blogs, and often participate in blog parties, where one can meet new people. I enjoy poetry and photography, and one of my features is the "Faerie Cam", which gives a fairy's eye view of things from a pint-size perspective. I hosted giveaways, and will continue to do so in the future. My favorite pagan author is Scott Cunningham, so a lot of my Wiccan practice is based on his writings. I love to discuss my own personal rituals, share "field trips" to pagan shops and events. With Spring now upon us, I will be blogging a lot about my magickal gardening. I don't really rant, so to speak, but I am not hesitant to discuss a subject that has affected me either emotionally or intellectually. I am always looking for new ways to practice my path, and sharing with other bloggers and followers has been so beneficial, entertaining and rewarding. I have been a practicing Wiccan for several years, and hope to pass along some of my trials and errors, and how a solitary path works for me. I do believe I have a good writing style, and I don't think I am boring!!


  • Check my Blog List to discover other Blogs
  • I do have several interesting features on my sidebar, be sure to look through the whole page
  • Please feel free to read through my Archives; I have talked about quite a few subjects; book reviews, rituals and so much more
  • Please comment on my postings; feedback is helpful and fun

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