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Reflecting on Gratitude

Share Your Story: Mabon Altars

By Granny_E

Reflecting on Gratitude

A closeup look and my current desktop.

Reflecting on Gratitude

My First Mabon Altar

What's On My Altar

(By the way my altar WAS my old laptop stand, it is tiny).

I have a lot in a small space, such as a grapevine pentacle, several candles including black and white for balance, a small cauldron to burn my mabon incense, real and fake leaves and other signs of Autumn. Four stones, amethyst for change, aquamarine for balance, obsidian for the cycles of life and lapis lazuli for giving thanks. Also a really small besom decorated for the season.

How I Celebrated Mabon

This will be my first time to celebrate Mabon, as I am still a very new pagan. I will be reflecting on things I am grateful for, and celebrating my wonderful harvest (and harvest in general). I also plan to honor the crone as it now her time. I'll be doing this solitaire, as the rest of my family is either Christian or atheist.

I hope that next year, I'll be able to participate with others.

Tips and Tricks

  • I have no tips, too new, but I will thank Patti and About.com for helping me to learn.

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