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Honoring the Gods of Egypt

Share Your Story: Mabon Altars

By NuriSekani

Honoring the Gods of Egypt

Nuri's Mabon Altar 2011

What's On My Altar

For this altar, I chose candles in autumnal colors. I set up statues for the deities I felt most befitting the season: Aset, Ma'at and Anubis. I decorated with some seasonal symbols: mini pumpkin and grains. Then I harvested some herbs from my garden. Each held a sort of symbolism: ivy for rebirth, basil for prosperity, rosemary to honor my ancestors, mums to symbolize the sun god, and holly to welcome in the Crone. I also set up chai tea and bread as offerings. The scarves symbolize the changing seasons: white, for the waning summer, and black for the coming winter.

How I Celebrated Mabon

This was a simple ritual for me. I prayed with my husband, giving thanks for all our blessings and such. Then we offered some bread and tea, and partook of our little feast. I put a lot of symbolism into this ritual, but like I said, kept it fairly simple.

Tips and Tricks

  • Around this time of year, it is soo easy to find harvest-themed decor. I stocked up!
  • Mabon is a multi-faceted holiday. Keep in mind the harvest, the changing seasons, and thus, the dieties associated.
  • If you can't do a big showdown for this holiday, that's okay! Just have fun and be thankful. =)

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