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Keeping it Simple

Share Your Story: Lammas/Lughnasadh Altars

By emairelhd

Keeping it Simple

Simple Lammas Altar

Keeping it Simple

Corn Dolly Goddess and her Bread Man God

What's On My Altar

Lammas related altar items: Cornhusk Dolly Goddess and Bread Man God (I'm not so good at bread-from-scratch so I make my bread man every year out of canned biscuits and add some yummy blessed herbs and cheese for taste) Orange Diety candles for the harvest; and my libation dish for the harvest Sabbats is a cute wooden leaf.

My normal altar items: tiny clay handmade horned God and earth Goddess; a moon/sun disc for the joined Deity representation; triple Goddess chalice; simple wooden athame; simple wooden stick incense holder; small stone salt and water bowls; and decorative candelabras for light.

How I Celebrated Lammas/Lughnasadh

Corn Dolly craft: We go to the local farmers market and get some fresh corn. When we get home we sit out back and shuck it all. We then arrange the husks into a pentacle on our big round stone patio table and light a white candle in the center - we bless and consecrate the husks, and make them into our Goddess representation. We normally take the corn and make my grandma's recipe for sweet creamed corn, but we have also grilled it on the cob - and we eat this during ritual feast.

Bread Man craft: I get a can of biscuits, I add some flavorful kitchen herbs some shredded cheese and mush it all together while doing some cleansing visualization and my usual blessings. I then shape it into a man and bake until done.

Tips and Tricks

  • Its the energy you put into your ritual that matters, not what you do. A simple ritual that is from the heart is more meaningful and effective than an elaborate one that you have to read off a paper.
  • Again, its the energy you put into it that matters, If you suck at baking bread - like me - a biscuit man is a great way to go - you still have to work it with your hands, but is way less complicated for the baking-impaired.
  • Keep your Corn-Dolly safe and use her at Imbolc the next year in your bride-bed.

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