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Michelle's Imbolc Altar

Share Your Story: Imbolc Altars

By Michelle

Michelle's Imbolc Altar

What's On My Altar

A pink rose garland encircles the entirity of the altar and is placed on a pink altar cloth. Pink and red rose petals are scattered across the altar cloth. The colors of Imbolc, pink, yellow, and white, are portrayed with ribbons on the left side. A candle wheel with five candles are in the middle to signify the light that is returning to the earth and the five hopes/wishes I have for the year. A homemade Brigid's Cross is on the right, leaning on a star-shaped tealight holder I received as a Yule gift in a random gift drawing. I also put up real flowers and chose colors that are in the same shade as Imbolc colors.

How I Celebrated Imbolc

For Imbolc, I celebrated alone, as I am a Solitary. I performed a solitary ritual and meditated on the growing light that was starting to show out in Nature. I thought about the child aspects that the Lord and Lady took during this time and how new life was starting to show every so slightly. I lit my candle wheel and thought about what I wanted to accomplish this year as well as the wishes I hoped on.

Tips and Tricks

  • To make the Brigid's Cross, I went to Earth Witchery and used the first method they provided: http://www.earthwitchery.com/makeacross.html
  • You can find wheat stalks at a Michaels crafts store if you can't get at real wheat stalks out in the field.

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