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Roswell, NM

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By Olympias

Name and Location of Group

Temple of Hekate's Torch (aka THT)

Roswell, NM

Group Description

We are a Temple of the Thessalian Strix Witchcraft order, dedicated to Hekate and the Olympian pantheon. We're evolutionists; not reconstructionists.

We conduct open full moon and feast day rituals as well as social events throughout the year. We also have a sister Temple Logos Nyx in TN. As a goal, we network with other traditions for understanding and sharing of information.

To learn more, please visit:


or catch our weekly show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/olympias


  • Rituals are formal; meaning serious and scripted, not eclectic
  • We are family and seeker friendly
  • We offer studies and chats for the curious and formal student (we do offer long-distance studies)
  • We conduct formal initiations for Dedicants, Congregation and Clergy
  • THT is a non-profit entity in NM

Contact Information

Cindy Wilson olympiasbc@aol.com

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