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Grand Prairie, TX

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By Cpr3G

Name and Location of Group

Beginner Circle - Grand Prairie, TX

Group Description

This is a beginning coven, I have been a part of a couple of pagan groups, and while they have been great for socializing and meeting new people, it has been difficult getting a strictly Wiccan coven out of it. I am prior Active Duty military, current law-enforcement(Federal). I want to start a prison ministry, but will not ask for help from the group, as this is something personal for me(I will accept offers for assistance though, I just don't want anyone to feel pressured). I honor the God and the Goddess and recognize all deities as aspects coming from these two, therefore, I don't have issue if you have rituals that you want to call on certain deities. I would love to meet a few like-minded individuals that are serious about studying and growing on the Wiccan Path.


  • Mature Adult minded, no substance abuse or use, preferably non-smokers, NO DRAMA!! Serious about getting to know and worship the God and Goddess. No rank system or anything like that, so if you're just looking to get "notches in your belt", this is not the place. Looking for 5 to 8 more members to make an even 6 to 9.

Contact Information

cpr3G0@gmail.com(Preferred method)

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