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Reader Submissions: Pagan Group Listings - Mid-Atlantic US


Coven/group listings for Mid-Atlantic US only (New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington, DC, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland). Share your group's information, or if you're a Seeker, look for a coven or group in your area!

Uniontown, PA

LGWC was founded on April 18, 2010. We are an eclectic group of Pagans and Wiccans who come together to celebrate the Wheel of the Year. We come from different backgrounds and traditions and incorpor…More

Round Hill, VA

Forest Moon Coven was birthed in June 2010 and is an adult all women's group committed to deepening our knowledge, working and teaching Women's Mysteries and maintaining a web of majick that will ena…More

Harrisburg, PA

As an eclectic coven based in Central Pennsylvania, we aim to promote personal development in the Craft and spiritual advancement toward Divinity through a wide variety of events and available traini…More

Paramus, NJ

We are a Mohsian Wiccan teaching Coven that meets monthly to become acquainted with each other to share knowledge and discuss ideas. Sabbats are planned and held by the Coven operating the group. In …More

Northvale, NJ

just starting a new group which will be wicca-green most of all it is a fun group to be in.all rituals are free and any help with witchcraft is also free we are only take the first 11 that sign up. w…More

Round Hill, VA

We are open to new members of an adult all womyn coven committed to deepening our spiritual evolution, working and teaching the mysteries of our Craft, and maintaining a web of majick that will enabl…More

Tennent, NJ

Sacred Wind Sanctuary of Universal Life is an Eclectic Pagan group based in Central New Jersey. We seek to provide an opportunity for the community of Earth-based faiths to practice their beliefs and…More

Frederick, MD

This is an open group sponsored by the Chantry of the Green Mountain. We hold open workshops, Sabbats for adults and Sabbats for kids as well as social meet-ups. The CGM is a Wiccan coven, but the Fr…More

New York City, NY

We are the NYC Wiccan Family Temple www.wiccanfamilytemple.com, made up of solitaries who have been alone for too long and want to come together to celebrate our Esbats and Sabbats. We honor all deit…More

Monmouth County, NJ

We are a meet-up group of Pagan women (18+) who gathers at least once a month for chat and support at a local coffee house. The group is an eclectic mix of different traditions. We sometimes do learn…More

Arlington, VA

Sisters of the Rising Moon is a daughter school of the Order of the White Moon. The Order of The White Moon is an eclectic international order of women dedicated to The Goddess. The purpose of the or…More

Columbia, PA

We Dedicate Ourselves:To create & maintain a safe, supportive, & tolerant religious community within which we may practice, study, & discuss earth based spiritual traditions. We are learning to walk …More

Reading, PA

We began in Oct, 2004, as a discussion group & face to face social gathering for the local community. We started with only one person at our first meeting, growing & evolving to dozens of people atte…More

Chesterfield, VA

We chanle the power within us. Within the air,the earth, the water,fire and the havens around us. Our coven knows that there are many avenues and objects to help focuses the energy and power within a…More

Northern Virginia

The Northern Virginia Pagan Network (NVPN) is an organization founded on the goal of providing a networking resource for all Pagans, both groups and solitaries, in the Northern Virginia area. Our aim…More

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