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Kansas City, KS/MO

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By Moirin

Name and Location of Group

Elysium Coven

Kansas City KS/MO and surrounding area

Group Description

We are a British Family Tradition Wiccan coven who is one of the longest running covens in the Kansas City area. While we are rooted in a firm spiritual foundation of the past, we are also growing and transforming - incorporating the lessons learned from other life-affirming traditions we encounter.

Elysium is an egalitarian tradition of the craft in that males and females have equal status in our circles. We do not discriminate against anyone based on gender, sexual preferences or personal relationships.

By invoking both Goddess and God in our rituals, we strive to connect with the duality of nature.


  • Our covenstead is 45 minutes south of Kansas City, with most of our members living in Kansas City (KS and MO).
  • The Elysium covenstead is on 40 acres of pasture and woodlands. Our rituals take place in a large tree-lined circle.
  • Skyclad optional
  • We are looking to add more members and to hold more coven events including meditation and study groups (most likely to be held in the city).
  • More information can be found on our website.

Contact Information


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