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Cincinnati, OH: Coventina Belisama Forrest

Submit an Entry: Pagan Clergy Listings - Great Lakes Region

By Coventine

Clergyperson's Name

Coventina Belisama Forrest

City and State

Cincinnati, Ohio

Contact Email Address


My Bio

High Priestess, Awaken Tree Coven

Ceremonies Performed

I have completed several ceremonies mainly of adjoining partners. In August 2012, I became legally recognized to perform marriage ceremonies in the State Of Ohio. My duties are based specially on the request of the couple. Many services can be performed such as traditional Wiccan ceremonies, Secret Ceremonies. (This is when you are bound to the secrecy of your coven and only a few of the guest know of your religious views). This is a very popular feature. Most of these oaths are written by the bride and groom.

My duties as a High Priestess will allow me to cleanse the circle, complete the Wiccan traditional and wed you both legally and spiritually to the God and Goddess. Every ceremony is unique. We meet several times to discuss everything that can be conducted.


  • To be "legally" wed in the State of OHIO, you must be a male and female. I can perform ceremonies in joining Wiccan partner but there not legally binding.
  • I perform all pagan wedding ceremonies. Several different types can be preformed. We will develop a officiate service that will be tailored specifically for you

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