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St.Joseph, MO: Lady Saphire Dragon's Light

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By Lady Saphire Dragon's Light

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Lady Saphire Dragon's Light

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Saint Joseph, Mo

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My Bio

I am a Celtic Heritage Witch and I have been practicing and studying witchcraft since I was 3 years old. I am currently the Assistant Dean at Firefly Online Community. I teach several classes along with completing my clergy classes. I have a local Meetup group (Midland Empire Pagans Group) and I have a coven called Celtic Circle of Light. I am organizing a International Pagan Coming Out Day event on May 2, 2011. I have also organized and founded a group called Pagans Against Domestic Violence which prime purpose is to bring Domestic Violence Awareness to everyone.

Ceremonies Performed

I am able to perform all sorts of ceremonies such as handfastings and Wiccanings along with coming of age ceremonies and other life events. If you need any rituals written I can do this or go with one that you have written. I am also a counselor whether that is grieve or just counseling in general.


  • You may contact me at any time of the day or night as I also do counseling as well.

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