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Shannon's Dancing Goddess

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By Shannon

Shannon's Dancing Goddess

Dancing Goddess

About My Tattoo

The Dancing Goddess... came to me in a dream during a very dramatic time in my life. She represents dance, movement and female energy. I wanted it to look like henna... a soft, earthy and femanine touch.

Why I Chose It

I did not chose it... it chose me. I woke up and could feel it already there. I was the culmination of events that manifested her. I was losing someone I love very much, my dance partner was leaving, before she left she also got this tattoo. It came to present all women in my life that have touched me someway. Originaly I thought it was becuase I was losing my dance partner... but while attending a dance I realized that the dance is always there it changes, people come and go.... but we always DANCE. It has now become the symbol of our belly dance troupe.

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