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Reader Submissions: Pagan Tattoo Gallery


Lots of Pagans and Wiccans express themselves with body art. If you've got a tattoo that shows some aspect of your Pagan or Wiccan religion, we'd love to see it! Send it in, and we'll add it to the photo gallery.

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Lisa's Goddess/Moon Tattoo

From the beginning of my journey in paganism, (even though I'm still fairly new to it,) the symbol of the Goddess has meant so much to me!I love how perfectly this symbol can represent the maiden, th…More

Michelle's Triple Spiral

This tattoo is on my right wrist. I am a mother, not first and foremost, but as a facet of who I am. I look forward to being a "Crone" as I am also 1 year shy of my mothers age when she passed, so fo…More

Shanell's Reversed Pent

my upside down black magic star give me the power to project by casting there's not much I can say about it but it does give me what I want that's because I believe in it as long as you believe in th…More

Aibreann's Pent and Dream Catcher

I chose the base of back for this design. The pentagram as a protection symbols. Each feather is a representation of a dearly beloved member of my family. I wanted something that represented my famil…More

Aibreann's Triple Moon Goddess & Horned God

I wanted to represent my faith as it plays a huge part in my life and it is also a part of me and helps to make me who I am. I chose the triple moon to represent the goddess putting it on the left wr…More

Nikki's Raven

I wanted something that represented me. I am very comfortable with raven and several things that happened recently confirmed that I had made the right choice. Random comments that people had made abo…More

Tarot Card Tattoo: The World

This was a great design to do, it is from the Shadowscape tarot deck by Stephanie Pui Min Law, it is on the back of a wiccan lady I tattoo regularly, it was a wonderful design to tattoo, to me it mea…More

A Dedication to Brigid

I got it as a dedication piece when I started my Magical education. It stands for Brigid's Three Fold FireFire in the forge that tempers and transformsFire in the cauldron that nourishes and heals Fi…More

Shannon's Dragon Back Piece

Originally I chose this tat to cover up a huge long scar 6 inchs long and 4 inchs wide caused by 3 reconstructive neck surgeries. My neck was broken at a group home by a mentally retarded strong 22 y…More

Andrew's Pent and Dragon

For me the dragon embodies all elements at once, as well as the representation of age, wisdom and protection..the stone for me is the Earth, the Goddess...The whole composition is my re-affirmation t…More

Lynsdey's Yin Yang Tattoo

I got one half of the yin yang when I got engaged, and my husband got the other. We both got ours completed when we were married. We liked that it represented balance, and we have both always loved t…More

Lynsdey's Eye of Horus

I got the phoenix/Eye of Horus the first time I returned home after living in Germany as a military spouse, and it's supposed to represent the change I went through within that time. It was designed …More

Amy's Pent Tattoo

I always wanted a symbol of protection on me at all times for personal reasons, and so I decided there was no better way to have a permanent protection device other than to tattoo it on me XD So I ha…More

Kirara's Pent and Crescent Moon

I chose this because it became a very prominent image in my dreams, and I really couldn't ignore the obvious message any longer. So I set aside some money, and went and got some more color on me. Thi…More

Kat's All Seeing Eye of Horus

It is a symbol of protection and knowing. Tattoo is on my right wrist. Maltese fishing boats all have this symbol on the side and you can not go out to sea without it. I Luv that it is with me protec…More

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