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Reader Submissions: Pagan Tattoo Gallery


Lots of Pagans and Wiccans express themselves with body art. If you've got a tattoo that shows some aspect of your Pagan or Wiccan religion, we'd love to see it! Send it in, and we'll add it to the photo gallery.

FyrePhoenix's Pentacle

its show my faith that i am wiccan that i am proud of who i am..i got this tattoo done on the 10 year anniversy of dedicating myself to the wiccan path...it is for me a celebration of my life and lov…More

Broadie's Pagan Sleeve

To show my love for my religion and to show the world that i am proud to be pagan also i wanted my gods to be with me everywhere i go even in death my body will still show that i am pagan and thats s…More

Kya's Pent with Moon

I chose this tattoo to represent my faith. I just had the feeling that I have to get a tattoo for my belief. It's my 3th day since getting my tattoo and I still have those moments when I'm like "I'm …More

Spider with Butterfly Wings

This was inspired by a lyric from a song by a friend's band back in high school. "I was the spider with butterfly wings". I clung to this line for a long time, not really understanding why, but I fig…More

Roxie's Labryinth

I really liked the idea of having a labryinth tattoo, to have the center be my belly button was to show the connection to the Goddess. I have two other tattoos, one done when I was first in the milit…More

Magical Alphabet

I wanted to be different. I wanted something that no one else had. I decided to put my name on my back, but always keep people guessing.Because my magickal name can change as I grow, I thought that i…More

Triple Threat

These Tattoos are awesome. I love my Tattooist and he is brilliant. I can give him anything and he knows what to do.The Goddess was only my 4th tattoo and she came out beautiful. I had to have her on…More

Samhain Tattoo

I got this Tattoo on Samhain 2011. It means a lot to me, because this is the day that changed my life forever.On Samhain 2009, I discovered the path I wanted to take in Salem MA. On Samhain 2010 I wa…More

Scorpio Natal Chart

Birth chart, Bad Kreuznach Oct 31,1971 Something to be born on Halloween then after first impressions the next day everyone takes their masks off. Being born in Germany but have no German blood dire…More

Leilani's Reminder

It is one of my favorite symbols. It reminds me that all I really need in my life is my 2 wonderful daughters.Also that no matter how bad things get in life it all comes around and will get better.I …More

Alyce's Tribute to Gleti & Freya

I deeply connect with Freya and with cats. Putting my faith out there where everyone can see it was not a tough choice for me. I look forward to explaining my reasoning with inquiring folks, and have…More

Saeth's Wolf

It's the first tattoo I got, and I wanted it to be meaningful. I got it three weeks after my father died, and having lost him my faith in my beliefs was either going to collapse or become stronger, a…More

Elaine's Pentacle

i didn't choose it, i asked my tattoo artist to design me a tattoo that was pagan that i could have on my thigh, preferably with a pentacle and brightly coloured, she designed a few designs and i cho…More

Sindee's Moon Phases

To start off, I was partial to the crescent moon when I found out my name supposedly meant "the moon".I'm not an actual wiccan or pagan, but I'm learning about it.The orange is for awareness and red …More

Emily's Triskele

The triskele is a blow up design (copier and then enlarged) of a silver pendant I own. So the unevenness of the lines, and the fact that it looks like it was unfinished, is intentional, since the pen…More

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