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Great Ways to Celebrate Yule With Kids


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Create Your Own Yule Log
Great Ways to Celebrate Yule With Kids

Make a Yule Log for your family's celebration.

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A Yule log is a great family craft, because first of all, it gives you an excuse to go out walking in the woods. Take some time to go wandering, and see what you can collect while you're outside. Make an adventure of it, if you like, and pack a lunch or a thermos of hot chocolate. When you've found nifty stuff to put on your Yule log, follow the instructions below to make one:

Once you've made your Yule log, you can use it as an altar centerpiece, or at the heart of a family Yule Log Ceremony.

Be sure to save a bit of your Yule Log at the end of your ceremony, so you can burn it with next year's Yule Log!

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