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Yule Prayers - Pagan Devotionals for Yule

Need a prayer or devotional for the Yule season? Here's where you'll find a wide variety! Includes prayers to the sun, thanks to the goddess, a reminder of why the cold and darkness are important, and more.

Yule Prayers - Prayers for the Winter Solstice
The winter solstice is a time of reflection, during the darkest and longest night of the year. Why not take a moment to offer up a prayer on Yule?

A Prayer to the Earth at Yule
At Yule, the earth is cold and dark. Take a moment to honor this dormant time of year.

Sunrise Prayer - A Sunrise Prayer for Yule
Need a prayer for sunrise on Yule? Here's one that celebrates the return of the sun at the winter solstice!

Prayer to the Winter Goddess
Take a moment to embrace the chilly, icy weather of winter as Yule approaches.

Counting Your Blessings - A Prayer of Thanks
Feeling thankful for what you have? You should - it's important that we count our blessings each and every day!

A Prayer for the Beginning of Winter
Take a moment to honor the changes of the season -- even if it's cold and windy!

Sunset Prayer - A Sunset Prayer for Yule
Need a prayer for sunset on Yule? Here's one that celebrates the sun's descent on the longest night of the year.

A Nordic Yule Blessing
At Yule, set aside those with whom you would normally have conflict. Consider the message of laying down one's arms beneath the mistletoe.

Snow Prayer - A Snow Prayer for Yule
There's a lot to be said for the beauty of snow. Welcome the white stuff with a prayer reminding us of why we love it.

A Prayer for the Old Gods at Yule
Many cultures have honored a variety of deities at Yule. Take a moment to say a prayer to the old gods at the time of the Winter Solstice.

A Celtic Yule Blessing
The Celtic peoples understood the significance of the winter solstice - it meant colder times were still to come. It also meant weeks indoors with family and friends.

An Elemental Blessing for Yule
Call upon the powers of the four classical elements in this simple Yule devotional.

Prayer to the Sun God for Yule - A Yule Prayer to Ra
Ra is the ancient Egyptian sun god. Why not celebrate the return of the sun by honoring Ra in prayer?

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