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Yule Crafts - Deck the Halls for Winter Solstice

Want to deck the halls with a more Pagan flavor? From Sabbat altar cloths to shiny sun decorations, here's where you'll find all kinds of fun Wiccan and Pagan themed hoiday crafts.

Magically Decking Your Halls and Walls
There are so many great ways you can decorate your home for the Yule season. Adapt store-bought Christmas decorations, or make your own Pagan-themed home decor for the season. Here's how you can put together a Yule log of your own, some fun and simple ornaments, a Pagan twist on the "manger" scene, some seasonally-scented potpourri and incense,...

Miniature Yule Log Ornaments
The Yule log is a popular custom in many families. Why not make a small-scale version to hang on your holiday tree, or to give your friends?

Make a Tree Topper from Found Natural Items
Want to keep your holiday tree natural, in the spirit of the season? Make a simple tree topper from sticks, bark, and other found items to celebrate the gifts of nature and the earth.

Ten Magical Gifts to Share for Yule

Want to give your friends and family a magical gift? Why not make something for them that shows you really care? Here are some of the simplest magical items to make -- you can put these together ahead of the Yule season, and give them out to those you care about.

Magical Yule Gifts to Make
Looking for more magical gift ideas? After all, if you're living a magical life, why not share the benefits with your friends and family during the holiday season? Try some of our magical gifts ideas to make for Yule.

Yule Simmering Potpourri
Make a batch of Yule potpourri, get it simmering on your stovetop, and enjoy the scents of the season!

Make a Pagan Nativity Scene For Yule - Pagan Nativity Scene
Feeling left out because all your neighbors have three Wise Men and a plastic baby Jesus? Don't worry -- you can still incorporate your Pagan or Wiccan beliefs into a nativity scene of your own!

Reindeer Food - Make Earth-Friendly Reindeer Food for Yule
If your family still likes to celebrate a visit from Santa at Yule, while you leave him a plate of cookies, why not make a batch of goodies for his reindeer as well? Unlike traditional "reindeer food" which includes glitter, this recipe is earth-friendly, and can be scattered outside for a Yuletide feast!

Yule Greeting Cards - Make Your Own Yule Cards
It's sometimes hard to find commercially available Yule cards, so why not use a little imagination and create your own? It's easy, it's fun, and it's a project the entire family can work on together.

Yule Sachet - Make an Herbal Sachet for Yule
This sachet is simple to make, and combines some of the most delightful scents of the season. Make them small and hang on a tree, make them a bit larger and give as gifts!

Pipecleaner Pentacles - Make a Pentacle Ornament
This is a super-easy craft project you can get your kids working on, and have them create a whole bunch of pretty pentacles to hang around your house during the Yule season.

Pinecone Ornaments
The pine cone has long been a symbol of the winter solstice. Make these nature-friendly ornaments to sparkle and shine during your Yule celebration.

Salt Dough Ornaments
These easy ornaments can be assembled in hardly any time at all. Once they've baked, paint them and hang them around your home for Yule!

How to Make a Yule Log
The Yule log is an ancient tradition, but you can make one for your own family's holiday celebration. Put one together with items you find outside, and include it as part of your Yule ritual.

Yule Spell Ornament
If you're hanging up ornaments for Yule, why not make some of them magical? Use basic craft supplies to create a magical spell ornament for your Yule decorations!

Cinnamon Stick Yule Candleholder

Yule Pomander Magic

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